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Week Three: The Matchlock Gun

Our first holidays in our new house didn’t go so well. We ended up buying a "fixer-upper" in rural Hanover County. It had been built in 1927, right at the peak of the Roaring Twenties, by a robber baron who fancied a country house not too far from Manhattan. The previous owners had been involved […]

PreTeena January 25-31

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Everyone Should Build Their Own Pirate Ship

Dear Liberty Island crew; all my friends and colleagues from PJ Media,the Freedom Center, Taliesin Nexus, Rebel Media, the Daily Wire; and all other aspiring counterculture creatives eager to join a new kind of fight… I have worn many hats over the last 6 years. I mean this literally — and regard it as among […]

Week Two: The Pipe Line

See last week’s opening: "Week One: The Inflection Point" * "I wish I was in Paris," I said. "Me, too," Emma said. "Maybe after the election. We won’t really have time for a honeymoon before that." "I mean, for the carbon summit," I said. "Oh. That. It would be nice. Better than this place, anyway." […]

PreTeena January 18-24, 2016

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The Cursive Code

* "There were some surprises," said Piers when the group had gathered again some weeks later. "Now there’s an understatement," said Anomie, grinning. "Then surprise us," challenged Vince. "The cracking of the cursive code proved easier than I anticipated and daresay that it’s easy enough to learn that any child can do it." "We foresee […]

The Cursive Code

"After many years of debate and controversy, plans by the Federal government to destroy the Constitution of the former United States of America have been set for March 20, the great anniversary which gave birth to the Green States of a Diverse America," read Anomie Whitney. Around her, stood the other members of the resistance […]

Week One: The Inflection Point

In every campaign, there is an initial moment of choice–an inflection point that affects the entire course of events. It can be a policy decision that has major consequences for the race. It can be an unforeseen occurrence that shapes everything else that follows. It can be a stylistic matter–something as trivial as the typography […]

Mortal Gods: Ignition&quot

Adam usually didn’t care a whit about a speech by the President of the United States but he was very interested in this one. So were many other Americans. "The Congress has failed to act on the immigration crisis, and because of that I must act alone," the President said after a few introductory words. […]

PreTeena January 11 – 17

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