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Rangers vs. Aliens

John T. Forbes stared out of his Club’s front window and watched the waves of heat radiate off the bare concrete of formerly-busy Main Street. A year ago, downtown Fort Worth had been bustling and thriving. Amazing how a sudden alien invasion could change things. "Forbes?" He didn’t turn to look at Darren. "What now?" […]

Week Thirty-Nine: The Luxury Speedboat

You can read this series from the beginning here. "You are going to have to explain what it is that you’re watching," Emma said. We were in my tasteful penthouse apartment in Washington DC, a few stops on the Metro line from the office where Emma and I both worked for a progressive advocacy organization […]

PreTeena June 29-July 5, 2015

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Week Thirty-Eight: The White Walker

You can read this series from the beginning here. "The more time I spend on this campaign," Emma said, "I feel like I sold out." We were in bed together, getting ready to go to sleep so we could wake up and make our way to our office, where we would spend yet another day […]

The Beast of Philadelphia

Editor’s note: This companion piece serves as a prequel to Liberty Island’s newly published novel, The Violet Crow. You can also check out author Michael Sheldon’s website at msheldon.com. On October 28, 2008, biblical rain fell in and around Philadelphia–as it had the day before. Joey Kaplan, 36, hustled through the wet swirling winds to […]

Week Thirty-Seven: The Finnish Line

You can read this series from the beginning here. I had spent that morning making a list of every interesting fact that there was about Martin O’Malley. Unfortunately, there didn’t seem to be any interesting facts about Martin O’Malley. I was stumped. "You look bored," Aunt Joan said. I whirled around in my swivel chair […]

Republican Punk

"This is a book for our times." Terresa Monroe-Hamilton, NoisyRoom.net "A four-star eccentric minor classic." Aaron C. Brown, National Book Critics Circle member "Immediately grabbed my attention. Now is the time to read this book." Deborah Hamilton, Right Truth "The story is drawn with great skill and clarity. The characters are vivid and dynamic." Rob […]

PreTeena June 1-7, 2015

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