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35 Liberty Island Books Published from December 2014 Through November 2019

If you’ve enjoyed one of Liberty Island’s titles chances are you’ll love another. Collect the whole series. Currently the Liberty Island collection divides into four phases of publishing…

An Interview with Henry Vogel

I had the opportunity to interview science fiction and fantasy author Henry Vogel. He has a background in software development but a creative side you don’t often find in technical types. For example, he became a professional storyteller in 2005. A few years later, he decided to pursue is passion for writing.

Whither the Schools and Colleges?

I don’t want to get involved in the re-opening debate in this column, except to say that I’m for it, but want it handled in stages and with care. This column will address education only, with an emphasis on colleges and universities.

An Interview with Author and Horror Podcaster Boo Rhodes

Boo Rhodes is a horror author. (And yes, that’s her real name.) Boo Rhodes is also host of a horror podcast called “Scary Story Time”. I had the opportunity to interview her just as she was making major changes to her horror podcast.

Book Review: Enjoying Starborn & Godsons and Remembering Dr. Jerry E. Pournelle

Just this past week, I finished Starborn & Godsons by Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, and Steven Barnes, the third novel in a trilogy about Earth’s first interstellar colony, a planet called Avalon orbiting Tau Ceti.

An Interview with Tom Tinney

I had the opportunity to interview science fiction author Tom Tinney. He’s probably best known for the novel Blood of Invidia, a Dragon Award Finalist co-written with his son. His freshman effort was a space opera novel Threads.

Time to Join the Cult: Rick and Morty Season 4.5 Debuts

So after many months of hiatus, the second of half season 4 — five remaining episodes — debuted last weekend. It was one of the series’ most clever and complex episodes yet, featuring Rick and Morty on a kind of “space train” confronting various storytelling cliches and quirkily breaking the fourth wall more than ever before. It exemplifies the strength of virtually all Rick and Morty episodes: they layer in jokes and complexities and hidden references such that each viewing yields new discoveries. I’m ready to watch it again and see what all I missed the first time.

An Interview with Author and Musician Mike Van Horn

Mike Van Horn is a small business advisor who writes science fiction on the side. What makes him notable is that he’s also a science fiction composer. For example, you can find half a dozen songs on SoundCloud tied to his novel Aliens Crashed in My Back Yard.

Methods for Getting Around Facial Recognition Systems

Facial recognition systems threaten our privacy. They can track where you go and add that information to the massive amount of information already saved about each of us. Big Brother is watching you and enabled by AI. And when it makes a mistake reading your face, you could end up with criminal charges far worse than when the toll tag system misreads your license plate. Here are several methods for fooling and interfering with facial recognition systems.

The Coronavirus as Left-Wing Theatre

I need you to stick with me on this one. I promise it will be worth your time.

We are now in the age of the coronavirus and we shall soon see the mettle of our country based on our response to this pandemic.  I have no doubt that a play will be written about it soon and it will either be a “Trump didn’t do enough and people died and he has blood on his hands” play, which will have a limited shelf life but will be all the rage for a good month or two; or a heart-rendering, mind-numbing tragedy about all the truly good people who lost their battle with COVID-19 and the one survivor who must live on in a world that’s done him or her wrong.  Both will be terrible plays but will be considered “deep” and “thought-provoking,” no doubt spawning a musical by Brian Yorkey and Tom Kitt (the perpetrators of next to normal and If/Then).  If the pandemic doesn’t doom us, the dramatic response to it will.

An Interview with Teresa Patterson

The Wheel of Time is a best-selling fantasy series by Robert Jordan. While Mr. Jordan passed away in 2007, his work remains popular. A TV show based on his series is slated to hit Amazon Prime as a TV series in 2020 or 2021. And I had the privilege of interviewing author Teresa Patterson about her collaborations with Robert Jordan and her other projects.

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