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POEM: Twin Oaks

Editor’s note:  We’re proud to be featuring Michael Lind’s work at Liberty Island. This is the fifth of eight poems.

On Afghanistan and Failure

Dan Bolger has been on my mind lately. You probably don’t know him. A quiet professional, he’s not a staple on cable news and only writes the occasional op-ed. In the faculty directory of NC State University, he is listed simply as an “Assistant Teaching Professor.”

I, and many others who served with him in uniform, know him for different reasons. When he commanded the 1st Cavalry Division in Iraq, we knew him as the guy who spent more time on the streets of Baghdad than he did in his office.

A Gen-Z Perspective on Generations: The History of America’s Future, 1584 to 2069

I recently read Generations: The History of America’s Future, 1584 to 2069, and it got me thinking about how the book’s ideas apply to the present day. The authors, William Strauss and Neil Howe, theorize that a generational cycle occurs every 4 generations, with each generation having its own distinct archetype.

Memorizing Scripture

Committing God’s word to memory can help us in multiple ways.

We’re in the midst of a series at Eastridge Church called “Lies We Believe,” where we’re looking at the common lies that we tell ourselves – or that Satan tells us – that we fall for and how to combat them.

Another Interview with Author Mike Baron

I interviewed Mike Baron shortly before his comic book “Florida Man” came out. He is more famous for creating the “Nexus” science fiction comic book in the 1980s. He worked on “Star Wars – The New Republic” and “Star Wars: The Thrawn Trilogy” books.

Mambo Non-Italiano Episode III: Donnie Brasco

This episode of Mambo Non-Italiano focuses on the gritty true-life story of FBI Agent Joe Pistone who went undercover and infiltrated the Bonanno family in New York City. Pistone was incredibly successful, getting in so deep into the Mafia that they considered opening the books for him to be a made man, a blood member of “this thing of ours”. Pistone’s story is told in the 1997 film Donnie Brasco.

Murmurations: Part 7

The ongoing weekly serial continues. Click here for the introduction,  here for Part 1, here for part 2, here for part 3, here for part 4, here for part 5, and here for part 6.

Poem: What Summer Said

We’re proud to be featuring Michael Lind’s work at Liberty Island. This is the fourth of eight poems.

Reconciling Creation and Evolution?

One scientist makes a compelling case for both.

I’ve been pretty firm in most of my beliefs as long as I can remember. Even when it comes to some hot button issues, it takes a lot to change my mind. Take the origins of the earth, for example. I would say that I’ve classified my belief in the creation story from Genesis as that of an old-earth creationist as long as I’ve been able to think about it.

Hidden Horror Stories of Stargate

The Stargate universe has a number of obvious horrors. It starts by revealing that the Egyptian gods were alien parasites that take over your body. They may extend its lifespan dramatically and take it to new worlds, but it is still a variation of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” But there are other horror stories lurking in the background…


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