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Tamara Wilhite

Tamara Wilhite is a science fiction and horror author, engineer, and mother of 2 (humans). Check out Tamara’s Amazon Author Page and see her on Hubpages.

An Interview with J.P. Redding

I had the opportunity to interview author J.P. Redding (a pseudonym) shortly after his first book “Off Grid” came out. Initially, I thought it was a survivalist book. The subtitle “Is there anywhere to hide from the surveillance state?” suggested that. It turns out that it is a science fiction book, as well.


An Interview with Sandra Haven

Sandra Haven is a professional editor who mentors and advises writers, as well. I have been a fan of her newsletter for writers for years. And I had the opportunity to interview her.

An Interview with John Van Stry

I had the opportunity to interview science fiction and fantasy author John Van Stry after his latest “Portals of Infinity” novel came out.

A Chat With Fantasy Author Amie Gibbons

Amie Gibbons is a modern fantasy author. She’s written multiple novels in the “Evie Jones” and “SDF Paranormal Mysteries” series. She’s continued both of these fictional paranormal universes and just started a third.

Book Review: “Fantastic Schools, Volume 1”

Fantastic Schools, Volume 1” was edited by Jagi Lamplighter and Chris Nuttall. I’d previously read and reviewed his novel “The Zero Blessing”. “The Zero Blessing” is the first novel in his “Schooled in Magic” universe. It is a world very different from Harry Potter, yet his first book is compared to that because that’s become the default comparison for any “preteens sent to magic school” unless they’re vampires. One of the short stories in “Fantastic Schools” is by Mr. Nuttall, but there are more than a dozen short stories in the collection.

An Interview with Writer Paul Piatt

I connected with Paul Piatt when we both contributed to the “MAGA 2020 & Beyond” short story collection. He’s had stories published in the Planetary Anthology Series, the “Places beyond the Wild” anthology by Daniel Humphreys and others.

“The Congress” Vs. “Ready Player One”

Watching “Ready, Player One”, I was struck by the similarities to “The Congress”. Their initial similarities include a plea to appreciate reality and connect to each other.  Furthermore, each has an underground fighting the corporate controlled artificial reality that most are immersed in.

How Can Dragons Create Fire and What Would We Learn From It?

Dragons cannot just create fire. It has to come from somewhere. However, we will want to know how they create fire for various reasons.

Book Review: Avengers Infinity Saga and Philosophy

Avengers Infinity Saga and Philosophy is a collection of philosophy essays seeking to use Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame to present various philosophical ideas. For example, the multiverse theory means that those who use the likely consequences of their actions to determine the right thing do to are paralyzed, while those with a clear moral structure can still act decisively. There are more than thirty essays in Avengers Infinity Saga and Philosophy, so there’s literally something for everyone. (Including those who agree with Thanos’ doomer worldview or literally see him as the hero.)

An Interview with Colin Glassey

Colin Glassey published multiple books on Asian history before he moved into historic fantasy. He recently published his third historic fantasy novel in three years. And I had the opportunity to interview him.

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