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Tamara Wilhite

Tamara Wilhite is a science fiction and horror author, engineer, and mother of 2 (humans). Check out Tamara’s Amazon Author Page and see her on Hubpages.

Why Are So Many Horror Movies an Allegory for Modern Parenting?

“Birdbox” and “A Quiet Place” are recent horror movies featuring parents trying to protect children in a world full of monsters. What is interesting to me is how often I’ve heard both horror movies considered an allegory for modern parenting.

Ringworld the TV Show?

“Ringworld” by Larry Niven is a classic science fiction novel, and it spawned an entire series. Amazon is apparently developing it into a TV show. Having watched their Philip K. Dick adaptations, I think there are several ways it could be presented and remain true to the novels.

Another Dune Remake?

I heard the news of a “Dune” remake due out in 2020. I saw the endless comparisons to the disastrous movie that came out in 1984. Sting goes shirtless! Picard is a warrior! The ending nullifies the entire freaking point of the book by making the deliberately bred super-human and culturally manipulative character magically conjure rain.

The interesting chasm I discovered was when I said in response to this news, “Another Dune remake?” To which others said, “What other Dune movie?” I know Syfy has made a number of B-list sci-fi movies, but their Dune remakes a decade ago were works of art. It is a tragedy they aren’t better known, much less well known to Dune fans.

Frank Herbert Vs. Brian Herbert: Dune Cannon Vs. Everything Else

Frank Herbert wrote the original “Dune” series, which I have read in its entirety. For those who read the original series, the cliffhanger after Murbella takes over the Bene Gesserit and Sheena flees with a Duncan Idaho turning into the Kwisatz Haderach leaves people wanting more. Frank Herbert died, and his son Brian Herbert decided to try to finish the series. Brian Herbert arguably wrote the prequels, though I think Mr. Anderson did more of the work, though that is not a compliment. There are a variety of problems with the sequels and prequels that they wrote.

The Disney Sci-Fi Cartoon We All Forgot

“Treasure Planet” is a science fiction cartoon that was released in 2002. It ranks among Disney’s biggest flops. The question we should be asking is why.

It isn’t because Disney can’t do animated features, either. They have many billion dollar cartoons to prove the contrary point. The classic excuse is the animation style used in “Treasure Planet”, since the movie relied heavily on traditional animation plus some CGI. However, “Brother Bear” was mostly hand-drawn and earned about 250 million dollars the next year, so we can’t blame a lack of CGI.

Why Wall-E Is a Cute Post-Apocalyptic Movie No Matter How It Goes

“Wall-E” is arguably the cutest post-apocalyptic movie ever. It is clear that the environmental disaster forced humanity to flee the Earth. We don’t see billions dead, though they’re likely under the trash, because there is no way humanity could build more than a modest armada. We don’t see an armada. We only see the Axiom. One ship with a few thousand people is the remnant of the human ra

New Sci-Fi Fiction: Sesame Credit, USA

I woke up on time this morning, hitting the alarm on the first ring. I had slept OK that night according to my fitness tracker. I didn’t need it to tell me I normally slept badly, but the social workers wouldn’t let you get healthcare under the limited government programs if you didn’t wear it.

I stared at my phone on the charger for a while. The device was a cheap, minimal unit. I could say it was environmentally friendly for being recycled or low energy usage. In reality, I wanted as little tracking as possible. I couldn’t afford more points against me. It was in sleep mode, but it would always get feedback from the network because state functions had priority.

When Short Shows Beat Movies for Short Stories

There has been a long trend of moving books to the big screen. We’re out of best-selling books that will sell well in movie theaters, so we’re mining short stories for movies instead. To me, it is rare that the two hour movie based on a short story is both good as a work in its own right and a faithful representation of the material. “Predestination,” based on the short story “All You Zombies,” stands out as unusual for adding another layer to the original story, providing rich depth to a short story by extending it to a movie, and creating a novel ending that doesn’t throw the original one out with the bathwater. This exception, however, proves the rule that when you have a short story, it is best left to a half hour or hour long episode instead of stretched out into a movie.

Why Video Game Movies Are So Hit and Miss

The TV and movie industry is always looking for inspiration, while already written with a following are seen as the ideal to be put on screen. Sometimes they’ll turn to classic stories and modernize them. This includes any work from Shakespeare to epic poems of the Vikings, equally likely to be turned into a gritty Western as a 21st century action/romance. Sometimes they’ll just take a book and make that into a movie, with or without adaptation for modern sensibilities and politics. And, every now and then, you’ll see them try to adapt a video game.

The Quiet Earth VS. The Last Man on Earth with Vincent Price

It was a shock to realize that The Quiet Earth is now old enough to be a classic like The Last Man on Earth. These two low budget science fiction movies have a number of points in common, though there are understandable differences as well. Spoiler warning – we spoil everything.

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