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Tamara Wilhite

Tamara Wilhite is a science fiction and horror author, engineer, and mother of 2 (humans). Check out Tamara’s Amazon Author Page and see her on Hubpages.

Book Review: “Space Traipse: Hold My Beer, Series 1”

A family friendly Star Trek parody that’s funny and pays tribute to the original – and it isn’t “The Orville”. It is “Space Traipse: Hold My Beer” by Karina Fabian.

I’ve long been  a fan of Karina Fabian’s work. We were both involved in the “Infinite Space, Infinite God II” anthology. I’ve reviewed several of her works such as her novel “Discovery” based on her Space Nuns stories. (These definitely ace the Bechtel test.) And I’ve followed her “Space Traipse” stories since the very beginning. That’s why I was honored to be one of her beta readers, though the first set of stories are now out in print and on Kindle.

The Hidden Horror Stories of Battlestar Galactica

The original “Battlestar Galactica” show shared several traits with original “Star Trek”. Every few episodes, there’s a new planet and a new people who are suspiciously human. In “Battlestar Galactica”, these constantly discovered human worlds were described as stragglers from the original group that went to Earth.

This raises a number of questions. One would be why these colonists were left behind instead of the ship bound for Earth staying there. We could argue that the Western world wasn’t considered good enough for a full colony and founded by exiles. Yet “Terra” became an advanced technological civilization complete with massive cities. Who colonized that world?

New Fiction for Halloween: The Grey Men

Logan casually glanced at the grey man in the corner. No one else in the room saw it, but he knew it was there. It slowly traced a path through the room, soaking up the sparks and noise the last child in the room had left. Logan looked down at his own hands. His medication was wearing off. He wouldn’t leave a scent or trail after that.

The doctor was waiting for him to give him his attention. “Logan, is there something you want to tell me?”


“Do you know why you’re here?”

“You want to change my medication again.”

“Do you understand why we need to do that?”


New Sci-Fi Book Review: The Far Shore By Glenn Damato

“The Martian” meets “1984”. Modern young adult literature meets realistic science fiction. But what is “The Far Shore” by Glenn Damato really about?

An Interview with Author Rick Partlow

I was first introduced to Rick Partlow’s book Glory Boy, a standalone book tied into the “Birthright” trilogy. I had the honor of interviewing Rick Partlow about this and his other works.

Tamara Wilhite: You have a military background, and some of your work is compared to “Starship Troopers” because of the power suits and their use in military warfare. Why do so many of your stories center around soldiers in mecha suits?

Rick Partlow:  I suppose it’s because some of my favorite military SF books involve mecha and powered armor.  Starship Troopers, John Steakley’s Armor, the Battletech Novels, William H Keith’s Warstrider books.  I’ve always found the concept fascinating, high tech knights in shining armor.

Book Review: ‘Spoiler Alert’ by Richard Greene

Spoiler Alert by Richard Greene is, no spoiler here, about spoilers. This philosophy book by Open Court Press is unusual for discussing the ethics, the ethos, the philosophy and many other details about spoilers.

As a science fiction fan and author, I found the concept intriguing. And as a periodic book reviewer, I wanted to know where others thought the line between blurbs and spoilers, trailers and big reveals were.

An Author Interview with Amie Gibbons

I’m interviewing writer Amie Gibbons, best known for her urban fantasies. I regularly review books like her novel The Gods Defense. She’s written a number of other paranormal mysteries and legal dramas. And I had the opportunity to interview Ms. Gibbons.

An Interview with Novelist Daniel Humphreys

I have to admit that I’m a red shirt in Daniel Humphreys’ third novel A Place for War. He needed a name for a red shirt character in a book he was writing, and among those who volunteered, he picked me. This was a fun activity for me as a zombie fiction fan. Surprisingly, my character survived to the end of his third Z-Day novel. However, this isn’t all Daniel Humphreys has written. I had the honor of interviewing him regarding past and current projects.

An Author Interview with Jon Del Arroz

I’ve reviewed a number of Jon Del Arroz books, reading ones as diverse as “The Stars Entwined” and the steampunk short story “Knight Training”. I recently had the honor of interviewing him after his first Nano Templar book came out.

Tamara Wilhite: Your Nano Templar book hit number one in Amazon’s Christian Futuristic Fiction category upon release. I saw it praised as yet another category where you’ve hit number one. What are all the categories you’ve been published in?

Jon Del Arroz: Amazon lets a book be in about 6 or 7 categories. So this one’s in a general military science fiction, Christian fiction, religious fiction and a couple of others. I’ve also had space opera, genetic engineering, steampunk, superhero, so I’m a bit all over the map but always in a science fiction or fantasy capacity (so far!). I was a little nervous about going into Christian fiction because it’s such a different market than my others, but it seems to be resonating more than many of my books.

Reviewed: The BBC’s “Brave New World” Movie

The BBC is well known for its science fiction. Doctor Who is simply the most well-known. They have also been making science fiction movies based on classics like “1984” and “Brave New World”. The 1980 BBC version of “Brave New World” stands out for both its innovative style and its respect for the source material.

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