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Tamara Wilhite

Tamara Wilhite is a science fiction and horror author, engineer, and mother of 2 (humans). Check out Tamara’s Amazon Author Page and see her on Hubpages.

An Interview with Author Chrome Oxide

Chrome Oxide is the pen name of a science fiction and horror author who shall remain anonymous. However, his works are well known. I’ve read some of his short stories like the one in “Forbidden Thoughts”, though he’s written much more.

An Interview with Author Robert Arrington

I had the pleasure of interviewing lawyer and author Robert Arrington. Most of his work is fantasy or paranormal, multiple works of which were published by Liberty Island Press.

An Interview with Author Monalisa Foster

Monalisa Foster is a versatile science fiction author. She’s written alternate history like the story “Catching the Dark” in “To Slip the Surly Bonds”. She’s contributed a number of science fiction anthologies like “Terra Nova: The Wars of Liberation.”

An Interview with Author Ben Stevens

I had the opportunity to interview Ben Michael Stevens, B. Michael Stevens on Amazon. As a science fiction author, he has written a number of horror, fantasy and science fiction works.

Book Review: Rick and Morty and Philosophy

Rick and Morty and Philosophy is an installment in the deep “and Philosophy” series of books. What can you get out of this book mining an Adult Swim cartoon for wisdom?

My 2019 Christmas Book-Lover’s List

A good book is almost always a great gift idea. It may inspire or educate, but it will never expire. It provides hours of entertainment or enrichment, and it can be the door to another world or another path in life. That’s why I’ve compiled my 2019 Christmas book lover’s list. I’ve tried to include literally something for everyone – well, age group.

A Review of The Good Place and Philosophy

The “And Philosophy” series mines the philosophical questions and insights that are presented by various popular culture entries. For example, they’ve published philosophy books on Blade Runner, Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, Dune, Ender’s Game, The Handmaid’s Tale,  and literally dozens of others. I receive a few of the new editions from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. That’s how I got “The Good Place and Philosophy”.

An Interview with Author Karl Gallagher

Karl Gallagher is a science fiction author and engineer like myself, but he’s a much more famous sci-fi author than I am. He’s the creator of the Torchship series as well as a number of fantasy works.

An Interview with Author Louis Antonelli

I had the opportunity to meet Louis Antonelli at a local science fiction convention, and I recently had the honor of interviewing this science fiction, fantasy and alternate history author.

An Interview with Author Declan Finn

I had the honor of interviewing Declan Finn, author of the Love at First Bite series, A Pius Man series and the more recent Saint Tommy, NYPD novels.

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