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Tamara Wilhite

Tamara Wilhite is a science fiction and horror author, engineer, and mother of 2 (humans). Check out Tamara’s Amazon Author Page and see her on Hubpages.

An Interview with Jeffrey Fortney, Veteran and Author

Jeffrey Fortney is a U.S. Air Force and fire service veteran. He’s published several science fiction and action-thriller novels in the past decade. And I had the opportunity to interview him.

An Interview with Fritz Freiheit

Fritz Freiheit: As a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut. It was the sixties, after all. By the time I went to college in the seventies, a bit more realism had impinged itself on my life, and I eventually settled on mechanical engineering as my major. While taking computer programming courses that were part of the engineering curriculum, I discovered that I enjoyed and was skilled in programming. Before I graduated, I decided I wanted to experience life in Japan. I wound up getting a job with Sumitomo Electric, part of the Big Four corporate conglomerates in Japan. I found myself in Osaka going through the professional training program (as the only gaijin/foreigner). Since they didn’t know what to do with a gaijin, I was given the unusual privilege of choosing what I wanted to do, and I choose to be a software programmer. They handed me some books and told me to write a 3D graphics driver – and I did.

After a year in Japan, I was offered a position in L.A. to write a Japanese version of a rule-driven database interface, which threw me into AI software development. Once again, I received several books, and I wrote a Japanese language parser.

I learned that there is a perspective that comes from thinking about thinking when developing software. Writing expert systems parallels novel writing – getting in the head of a character and telling a story from their perspective. I put myself in the mind of users, understand their goals, and write software to accomplish those goals.

An Interview with Author Melanie Nilles

Melanie Nilles is a prolific fantasy and sometime science fiction author. For example, she has written Legend of the White Dragon series and completed The Luriel Cycle trilogy in 2018. I had the opportunity to interview her recently.

A Universe without FTL

FTL stands for faster than light travel. This is one of the standard tropes of science fiction. It may involve warp drive that turns space travel into an analog for ancient sea voyages, or the trip may be instantaneous once you’re far enough from Earth’s surface. However, faster-than-light travel will require the discovery of new laws of physics that may not exist. This leaves us with the other options for traveling in a universe without FTL.

Book Review: The Zero Blessing by Chris Nuttall

I read more science fiction than fantasy, but my family has seen all of the Harry Potter books more than once. The Zero Blessing has echoes of Harry Potter, but it is very different from the main characters to the world-building to the central plot.

An Interview with Sci-Fi Author Hans G. Schantz

Tamara Wilhite: In addition to several patents and antenna books, you’ve written a fair bit of science fiction. How does your technology background influence your fiction?

Hans G. Schantz: My technical background was an inspiration for my fiction writing. Much of my novel perspective of how electromagnetics works is really quite simple physics that could and should have been discovered over a hundred years ago by the likes of Heinrich Hertz, Oliver Heaviside, George Francis Fitzgerald, and Oliver Lodge. What if my discoveries were really re-discoveries of work first developed back then, that was suppressed and covered up? What if the fact that Maxwell, Hertz, and Fitzgerald all died in their primes before completing their life’s work wasn’t merely a coincidence? Who were the people Heaviside claimed were harassing him, driving him into a hermit-like seclusion? Why did Oliver Lodge withdraw from physical pursuits in favor of psychical research? Why is so little of this in the books? Who altered history and why?

I started my books from the premise that an evil conspiracy hid the fundamental truth of how electromagnetics works, and acts to this day suppressing the truth and killing anyone who gets too close to their secrets. I feature my own real-world discoveries into the technical mysteries my heroes have to unravel. And the conspiracy premise has allowed me to weave into my story line a host of ripped-from-the-headlines current events about “Deep State” conspiracies using any means necessary to secure power.

An Interview with Tom Weiss

Tom Weiss is a retired Army officer with tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. His writing has appeared in professional military journals, PJ Media, and Liberty Island. He splits time between Western Wisconsin and Eastern Australia and is convinced the Minnesota Vikings will never win the Super Bowl.

I had the opportunity to interview this noted writer and discuss a variety of technological trends.

An Interview with Author Chris Nuttall

I had the opportunity to interview science fiction and fantasy author Chris Nuttall. There are more than a dozen novels in his “Schooled in Magic” series and half a dozen in “The Zero Enigma” series. “The Empire Corps” series is pure military science fiction consisting of more than a dozen novels on its own, and then there are his “Angel in the Whirlwind” novels.

An Interview with Author Richard Paolinelli

I had the opportunity to interview author Richard Paolinelli. He’s the creator of the Jack Del Rio series as well as a science fiction and mystery author.

Book Review: Mistress of the Waves

Amanda Kirasdotr, the main character, grew up on the colony world of Goddard. Enough time has passed that her people are natives of the world and generations behind Earth in technology. It makes the interstellar visitors an incredible novelty, though they have little interest in the colonists. That is, until Amanda saves on who had the misfortune of going sailing without knowing how to swim on a world that lacks the many safety systems they’re accustomed to. This one act turns her life upside down, and it may change her world. And that is the beginning of the book Mistress of the Waves by George Phillies.

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