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Tamara Wilhite

Tamara Wilhite is a science fiction and horror author, engineer, and mother of 2 (humans). She is Liberty Island's Senior Columnist with a new article every Friday featuring author interviews, science fiction musings, and cultural commentary. Check out Tamara’s Amazon Author Page and see her on Hubpages.

Captain Marvel Vs. Rey Skywalker: Who Is the Bigger Mary Sue?

On the surface, the two characters have a lot in common. Both have amnesia about their past, while their hero journey is tied to the discovery of it. Both come into their powers and play a role in saving the galaxy. And both are called Mary Sues. But which one is the bigger Mary Sue? Let’s compare the two to come up with an answer.

An Interview with Elizabeth Bennett

I had the opportunity to interview Elizabeth Bennett, also known as CatwomanTheGoddess, shortly after her fantasy novel Wartime came out. It is the first in her planned The Immortals series.  

An Interview with Spanish Artist/Author Ibai Canales Benito

I had the opportunity to interview Spanish comic book artist and author Ibai Canales Benito. He has contributed to horror comics like Necromancer: Tombstone Blues, CU Next Tuesday, and Iron Sights. He’s also helped create sci-fi comics like The Abductables and Decimators.

An Interview with Theatre Director and Playwright Robert Cooperman

Robert Cooperman is the founder and president of Stage Right Theatrics. Stage Right Theatrics is a non-profit theater dedicated to promoting conservative-themed plays and artists. They present the annual Conservative Theatre Festival®, as well as produce original plays with conservative/traditional points of view.

Understanding Your Options for the Upcoming Dragon Awards

By Tamara Wilhite and Declan Finn

What Are the Dragon Awards?

The Dragon Awards are a set of literary awards voted on by fandom. They’re presented at Dragon Con, a convention typically held in Atlanta, Georgia over Labor Day weekend. The Dragon Awards were first awarded in 2016. It has become one of the largest multi-media and pop culture conventions in the United States.

An Interview with Katt Dunsmore

Tonya “Katt” Dunsmore writes short stories. Her stories have appeared in Crime and Suspense Magazine, Mouth Full of Bullets,  MicroHorror, Bewildering Stories and anthologies like The EX-Factor: Justified Endings to Bad Exes. Her illustrations and graphics have appeared in Reggie & Ryssa and the Summer Camp of Faery, Cracker Wisdom and a number of other publications.

An Interview with Author D.M. Wozniak

I read and reviewed D.M. Wozniak’s science fiction duology The Perihelion Complete Duology several years ago. It may yet prove to be prescient. I had the opportunity to interview him after the contested 2020 Presidential election.

An Interview with Author D. G. Martin

There is an entire genre of Santa Slasher movies. It may have started with “Tales From the Crypt: And All Through the House”, though you could say it was Bob Clark’s “Black Christmas.” It led to movies like “Silent Night, Deadly Night” (which even spawned a sequel), “Santa Claws” and at least a dozen others. And apparently, there are books based around the same theme like Hammer and Sleigh: The Rise of the Crimson North.

An Interview with Author Mike Baron

“If men were benign, there would be no need for superheroes.” – Mike Baron.

Mike Baron is a comic book creator. He launched the science fiction comic “Nexus” in the 1980s. However, he’s been busy releasing a variety of comic books and novels ever since. And I had the opportunity to interview this prolific author.

An Interview with Author Steve Taranovich

Most of my author interviews are with science fiction and horror authors. However, I periodically review nonfiction works that might be of interest to fans. This is the first time I’ve interviewed a nonfiction author whose book on the space program, Guardians of the Right Stuff, might be of interest to science fiction fans.

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