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Discover A New Sci-Fi Novel in Ten Parts: Murmurations

Serial novels have a long and distinguished history.

Charles Dickens is often credited with popularizing the form, beginning with The Pickwick Papers in 1836, and many other notable authors followed in his footsteps. The Count of Monte Cristo was serialized. So was Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Heart of Darkness. Dostoyevsky wrote a serial novel. So did Tolstoy, Verne, Joyce, Hemingway, Wolfe, and King.

And now, courtesy of Liberty Island, you can add my name to the list.

Literature’s Role in Fighting Gen Z’s Loneliness

Depression is growing in Generation Z. The Journal of Abnormal Psychology found that depression rates of 12-17 year-olds increased from 8.7% to 13.2% between 2009 and 2017. One factor causing this is the teen’s tendency to replace in-person interactions with virtual ones, a habit only escalated by the pandemic. This replacement falls short of face-to-face interactions since people tend to be less transparent, especially on social media, going no deeper than the surface.

The Pitfalls of Emotional Christianity

We’re never meant to live out our faith as a constant chase for emotional highs.

My story of coming to faith in Christ is… well… boring. I grew up in a Christian family, and there was never a time when we weren’t involved in church. When I was seven years old, I decided that I was ready to become a believer in Jesus. It was a simple, logical decision for me – no emotion whatsoever.

An Interview with Science Fiction Author George Phillies

George Phillies is a science fiction author, science fiction fan and editor of the National Fantasy Fan Federation, also known as N3F.

Buy It Today: The Art of Looking for Trouble

Enjoy this exclusive excerpt from The Art of Looking for Trouble and please order it today.

My Church Heritage and How It Shaped Me

What studying my non-denominational history taught me

I grew up in church, and I don’t remember any point in my life where my family wasn’t actively involved in a local congregation.

The church I grew up in was a Christian Church. You probably read that last sentence and thought, “well duh!” Aren’t churches Christian by nature? What I mean is that, where some people grew up Baptist, Presbyterian, or Assemblies of God, my quasi-denominal tradition is known as the Christian Church.

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An Interview with Fantasy Author Thom Dresser

Thom Dresser is the creator of the fantasy “Beggars Rest” series, starting with “The Heart of the Necromancer.” And I had the opportunity to interview him.


NEW LIBERTY ISLAND NOVEL EXCERPT: “Sharp Dressed Man,” Chapter 24 of The Art of Looking for Trouble,

Pre-Order Novel, Releasing June 23, 2021

Enjoy this exclusive excerpt from The Art of Looking for Trouble and please pre-order today.

What I’ve Learned from Reading a Systematic Theology

Sometimes an in-depth study reveals more about you and others than it does about God.

Last summer, theologian Wayne Grudem announced that he would publish a second edition of his Systematic Theology later in 2020. My Bible study software made it available at a price that was tough to pass up, so I decided to download it and read it “next year.”

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