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Chris Queen

“I’ve been a writer as long as I’ve known what writing is,” says Chris Queen. Blessed with a wild imagination and a desire to create, Chris writes prose, fiction, songs, and reviews, and he shares whatever is on his mind on his website, ChrisQueen.live.

Born in Marietta, GA, sometime in the 1970s, Chris has called Covington his home since he was five years old. An alumnus of the University Of Georgia, Chris has written for The Resurgent, PJ Media, NewsReal Blog, and Celebrations Magazine. He is Director of Communications at Eastridge Church, which his family helped found in 1989. Chris is a fan of anything involving his beloved Georgia Bulldogs and is a Disney aficionado, having visited Walt Disney World over 35 times; he is also planning to take a trip to Disneyland hopefully sometime in the next couple of years. He enjoys spending time with family and friends, making music, and writing (of course).

Another Disappointing Disney Biography

Hourly History’s short bio of Walt Disney lets readers down, but not for the typical reasons.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been a fan of the Hourly History book series. If you’re not familiar with them, they’re short histories or biographies that are written to be read in an hour or less. I love finding an Hourly History book about an era or person with whom I’m not familiar and getting a quick education.

I signed up for the Hourly History newsletter a few months back because they offer several free e-books every week. Not long ago, one of the free books was a bio of Walt Disney. As a Disney fanatic – and somewhat of an amateur Disney historian – I was intrigued to see what the Hourly History treatment would bring to the long list of Walt Disney biographies.

Life-Changing Literature

The Andrew Klavan Symposium, Part 3

Five Liberty Island writers – Fred Tribuzzo, Alec Ott, Jon Bishop, Chris Queen, and David M. Swindle — explore the insights from the memoir of one of their favorite novelists