I had the opportunity to interview Elizabeth Bennett, also known as CatwomanTheGoddess, shortly after her fantasy novel Wartime came out. It is the first in her planned The Immortals series.   


Tamara Wilhite: Wartime is your first published novel.  What is it about?   

CatwomanTheGoddess: Wartime is a dystopian fantasy, based in an entirely Underground civilization. It is a story of struggle and survival, focusing on the main character named Míre. It’s really her journey of fighting to survive the Underground which has become a prison tomb, and her longing to be free. When her adopted sister is stolen by the terrifying Draith, she has nowhere to turn and finds herself trusting an Elf named Rána. He promises to help her find her sister, and together they face horrors of every kind as they fight to find her sister and search for a way to escape the Underground.  



Tamara Wilhite: What would you say are the biggest influences on your writing?   

CatwomanTheGoddess: There’s so many! But the main ones that come to mind are: J.R.R. Tolkien, Elizabeth Haydon, Maria V. Snyder, Veronica Roth and Suzanne Collins.  



Tamara Wilhite: You said you were writing journals and stories at a young age. Have you had short stories or nonfiction published anywhere?   

CatwomanTheGoddess: I had several published in small papers and local school publications. This is the first piece that has been widely available. My literary instructors and teachers always encouraged me to publish, but I didn’t pursue it until a couple years ago.  



Tamara Wilhite: Your second book, Soul Singer, is slated for release in 2021. Are you aiming for a trilogy?   

CatwomanTheGoddess: Yes! I already have the first trilogy plotted out, including Wartime, Soul Singer and the yet untitled third book. There will also be an accompanying Líeláryë Elvish Dictionary as well as at least one book that is set before Wartime. It may become a trilogy as well. 



Tamara Wilhite: I know you do a lot of drawing. Did you come up with your own book cover?   

CatwomanTheGoddess: I did, with some help from a very good friend of mine, Jim Balent. Jim is an exceptional artist who has done art for DC comics on the 1990’s Catwoman run. He was the one who suggested infusing hidden weapons within the trunk of the tree. Everything you see on the cover has significance within the pages of Wartime. 



Tamara Wilhite: A different question. How did you come up with the pseudonym CatwomanTheGoddess?   

CatwomanTheGoddess: I already had a following for both my art and comic book reviews that I was writing up. It seemed like a natural progression to publish my first novel under the name that everyone already knew me by.  



Tamara Wilhite: What else are you working on?   

CatwomanTheGoddess: My second focus is finishing the Líeláryë Elvish Dictionary, after that I’m hoping to expand the world of Wartime and write additional external books about other characters within the world of Teria.  



Tamara Wilhite: A lot of people escape into fantasy or science fiction, and you’re writing it. What do you do for fun? Or read in your spare time?   

CatwomanTheGoddess: I both read and write in my spare time. As a writer, I have a rather unique view on the experience as an author, and I see myself as the vessel that the characters tell their story through. So as I’m writing, I experience the story just as my reader’s do. Aside from writing, I love to read fantasy, steampunk and historical romance novels.  



Tamara Wilhite: Is there anything you’d like to add?   

CatwomanTheGoddess: I am so excited to share the world of Wartime with my readers, thank you for giving me the opportunity to reach the fantasy community! 


Tamara Wilhite: Thank you for speaking with me.  

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