I created PreTeena because I wanted to explore the real differences between the two times in my early life when I was happiest: 5th grade, and 8th. I loved being a 5th grader: school was fun, friends were many, Mom and Dad stayed politely in the background, summer and winter were equally full of adventure and entertainment. And in 8th grade, make-up, boys, and a curvy new figure suddenly were the most important things in my life. In only three years, I was a completely different person!

PreTeena invites you into the world of Teena, Jeri, Stick, Gordo, Goose, Johnson and the whole Burnell, New Hampshire gang. It offers a glimpse of that transition from child to not-yet-adult, which, you may discover, is not unlike your own life.

I hope you, as readers, had a friend as loyal as Stick, a sister (or brother) who paved the way for you as you grew older, parents who let you be yourself, and a childhood that was as filled with memorable punchlines!

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