We have some very confused birds on our lot. A robin or two that are convinced they are chickens, when they are indeed not.

One little bird in particular has been laying beautiful little blue speckled eggs in our hen nesting box. That robin has been very sneaky–breaching the coop after hours while my hens are sleeping soundly by squeezing through the wind turbine on the roof then squatting in the chicken box to leave her shelled offspring. She leaves eggs there for the chickens to incubate before heading back outside to help herself to sunflower seeds and chicken pellets intended for my chickens.
My hens are ladies and happily oblige, warming the little intruder eggs as if their own. Doing all the work while the crafty robin sits back and watches. The robin reaps the benefits of my dedicated, hard working hens. These pretty little robin eggs seem harmless enough but they are in fact useless and inedible unlike the vital nutrients provided by my chicken eggs.
(Below) Another egg, the third robin deposit in a week.
Yesterday I voted early, happy to avoid long lines at the poles with four kids in tow. I was number seven in line, anxiously awaiting my turn while the pollsters made last minute checks on the machines. It was early in the day so smiles were abundant and workers had yet to be exasperated by clueless individuals looking to vote for someone who had dropped out of the race weeks (or months) ago.
With the GOP convention and a potentially contested nominee fast approaching I wonder which sly robins will try to pass themselves off as a dedicated chickens, only to swoop down at the 11th hour for a chance to be the anointed one for the GOP establishment.
On second thought, maybe they aren’t robins but rather seagulls…flying in, shitting all over everything, then flying out.