Some time ago there was a commercial for a state lottery saying, "You can’t win if you don’t play." Overlooking the fact the odds were still against you even when you did play, the statement itself was quite true. It’s true for politics as well, except you need to remember politics isn’t a relatively harmless game of chance. People’s lives are affected by the decisions a few numbskulls make for the rest of us, so it needs
to be stressed politics is a fight. In fact, it’s a fight for survival. If we want to survive, we better start
fighting back.

Our founders put their "Lives, fortune, and sacred honor" on the line to establish a base where freedom could expand enough to eventually flourish, and for more than two and a quarter centuries their efforts proved to be worthwhile. True, there were some serious problems left over which required additional generations of Americans to give their lives to fix, but the system the founders created allowed the struggle to continue until the USA could ultimately become the only bastion of freedom anywhere on the planet where every person in it had a fair chance to improve his or her life.

That simple fact should not be ignored. Evil exists everywhere in the world, but this is the only place where
people have consistently fought against it, and that includes when the evil was inside our own borders. The leftists don’t want to admit it, but the only reason our country has any freedom in it at all today
is because other Americans willingly used their blood to purchase that freedom, even in cases where they had nothing to gain from the struggle themselves.

Unfortunately, the end result of all
that sacrifice has been the production of a few generations of spoiled brats
who don’t even appreciate the enormous freedom they have been given. These
useless leeches have actually been taught to believe they are entitled to take
everything you have, and they now think
it’s a crime if anybody dares suggest they should try earning for themselves the things they want.

Most of the founders who pledged
their lives, fortunes and sacred honor actually ended up losing one or both of
the first two items, but, despite what it cost them, none of them lost the
third. This is not true for the spoiled brats of today. They have no concept
what honor even means, so they don’t mind selling what little they have to
change your life forever.

As a matter of fact, they are the only ones expecting to end up with fortunes afterwards, which is rather odd. How can you get all the things you want by destroying the process for creating
wealth? Once the rich have been financially devastated to the point they no
longer want to make any more money, where’s the cash going to come from to pay
for all the things the spoiled brats want? Come on, if governmental confiscation of all wealth truly worked, King John from the early 1200’s would still be hailed as a hero today. Instead, he is reviled for creating a long-lasting period of poverty for his entire country. Is the right-wing going to just sit by and watch it happen here too?

That wasn’t rhetorical. I’m asking a
serious question. Where is the right-wing presence in the fight to keep
leftists from destroying everything good about America? We’re all, myself
included, just sitting around whining about it. What else can we do when our
leadership is so feeble? Most of us have no power other than our one legal vote, plus the few dollars we can spare, but where can we give our meager support and expect it to do any good?

I have to tell you, I don’t think
there is such a place, but I’m hoping one will soon come around. For my part, I’m
tired of wasting my money on ineffectual dildorks. (That’s not a typo. It’s also
not my creation. I heard it many years ago from a drunk, who probably wasn’t
even aware he had created such a captivating word, but it’s the perfect
description of the political windbags who go around promising to make us all
feel good, at least temporarily. Truth is, the only thing these dildorks lack is the ability to vibrate).

Our problem is we either already
have, or could easily get, the majority support on most issues, but nothing is
being done to rally that support. The leftists never face any real push-back
from the people we rely upon. Hell, a five year old screaming he doesn’t want
to go to bed has more guts than most prominent conservatives I see. What
happened to "Give me liberty or give me death!"?

Personally, I do not regret having but
one life to give for my country, but I do regret not having even one good
leader in my country who could make the giving of my life worthwhile.

Sadly, the gallant sacrifice of
generations of Americans to not only keep this country free, but to also help
other countries obtain freedom is pretty close to being worthless now. The idea
of sharing freedom with those suffering under tyranny was and is a noble cause
for which to die (The Magnificent Seven comes to mind), but it seems only conservatives believe that strongly about anything. I’d really like somebody to show me a single leftist ideal even
remotely comparable. Where are the massive armies of America-hating liberals
willing to die for any of their beliefs?

What a funny idea. An army of
so-called soldiers willing to cry their way to victory is hardly a threat to
the true forces of evil in the world today. I mean, seriously, is there any
leftist out there willing to actually put his life on the line for such things
as government health care, legalized drugs, or, most comical of all, gun

The idea is so ludicrous it’s worthy
of a Monty Python skit, and there it is. That’s all the proof you need to see
the libs should not be winning. They
aren’t doing any real fighting. All they are doing is crying big, crocodile
tears about crap most people consider inconsequential, especially when compared
to the basic necessities of survival, and all it would take to defeat them
would be to tell them to shut up.

Think about it. What are they going
to do afterwards, slap us? I don’t think so. The only way they can make us do
anything is by getting conservatives to enforce their silly laws. Leftists
simply cannot survive without conservatives protecting them, and I think they
know it – even if conservatives don’t. The lefties need conservatives around to
defend them or else they would eventually end up in a huge battle where their
side would be carrying protest signs and oil drums full of fake blood, and the
other side would have all the real weapons. How long do you think that fight
would last? I’m pretty sure it would merely be a few minutes. In fact, The Six Day War would seem an eternity in comparison.

When you look at it that way, the
only real question you should ask is this: why are we surrendering control of
this country to a bunch of wussies who won’t even fight back when they meet an
enemy with a firmly stated goal of killing them all?

In case you don’t already know, that
is exactly what is happening. Our freedom, and even are lives, are being put in
serious jeopardy just to give a few thoughtless fools some temporary political
advantage. The situation today has truly become a poorly run circus, and it’s
time to find some sensible management. Are we really willing to let the clowns
keep telling the lion tamers how to control the animals? I hope not. The lions
aren’t going to stop after they kill the clowns and the tamers.

Okay, fine, our political leaders
are useless. Big surprise. Nobody who was paying attention expected much from the
career politicians, anyway. They are good at getting elected, even though they are
pitiful at keeping their promises, but I think we all figured that out a long
time ago. The thing is the career politicians are also good at following the
political climate. That means they can
be pushed into going along with doing the right thing.

The next question is, where are the dedicated
warriors rising up to push them into doing what’s right? More importantly,
where are the voices of average conservatives showing the dedicated warriors
they will be supported when they do rise up? I know I’m not alone in the desire
to fight back, but where is the army I can join?

Yeah, I know. There isn’t one. Yet!
I say that because I know it isn’t too late to raise one. (Note: the use of the
word army is strictly figurative. I do not support an armed revolt of any kind.
The Constitution has provided us all the tools we need to save ourselves
peacefully, so no brain-dead liberal has any excuse to start screeching in
outrage over the use of the word "army". Pu-lease!
Has it really reached the point where we have to hire lawyers just to exercise
our right to free speech? )

I also know for certain such an army
could win. History has repeatedly proven courageous people can stop morons and
tyrants, even when it seems almost hopeless, but likewise there is a time limit, and our time is clearly running out. Recent events
have proven there is nothing so stupid a leftist won’t go along with it, as
long as the proposal is being presented by a person having a (D) behind his
name, but that only means we must do something to win over the folks who don’t
consider themselves hard leftists. We are fast approaching the point where the
leftists will be able to remove our right to even peaceably protest, so we need
to put an end to their nonsense before it’s too late.

How? Simply put, we can’t surrender
to fear. We are being fooled by shenanigans into believing we are outnumbered,
and it isn’t even remotely true. To paraphrase Sun Tzu in The Art Of War: "When you are weak, make
noises of strength." That is exactly what the left has been doing. Everywhere
they have been defeated by the popular vote they have turned to a handful of left
leaning judges to reverse their losses. They have next followed every one of
these hollow victories with loud noises of how powerful they are. They are full
of it, and conservatives have been incredibly stupid to cave in to the noise
without even putting up a single serious protest.

This struggle today is no different
from any struggle true Americans have ever won in the past, and that means all we
need to do to win is to put up some sort of organized fight. Let’s face it,
leftists are bullies, and, as with all bullies, they have the hearts of
cowards. They only scream when they feel safe, especially when it’s against law-abiding Republicans they already know won’t hurt them, but they quickly stop whenever
anybody stands up to them. Look at that spineless Democrat Martin O’Malley. As
soon as a few folks on his own side got a bit hysterical over the line "Black lives
matter, white lives matter…" he immediately capitulated. Geez Louise, I
honestly don’t get it. How can dildorks such as this be a threat to

The answer is they can’t, unless conservatives give them the power to remain a threat, and there’s no sane reason for conservatives to do so. The leftists aren’t really winning. What they are doing would normally be called cheating. Leftists are brazenly breaking the law, and it’s up to conservatives to make them stop. In fact, conservatives should be demanding they be punished. The leaders breaking the law in "Sanctuary Cities" need to go to jail. The government employees in the IRS and any other agencies who broke the law to mistreat innocent American citizens need to go to jail, and the federal leadership refusing to put these criminals on trial need to be replaced. Above all else, the Constitutional process for making laws needs to be obeyed again.

Sure, no Democrat will ever do any of these things, but if enough outcry was raised the Republicans could be pushed into doing the right thing. As long as "We the people" keep on pushing, even our current weak-kneed leadership would begin to realize they really do need to fix things or else face being replaced themselves.

That’s the best thing about conservatives; we who hold those values don’t slavishly support somebody just because he or she wears the Republican label. We actually care more about issues than we do about party affiliation, and we aren’t afraid to dump politicians on our side when they don’t measure up.

The problem is we aren’t proving that right now. We need to make our presence felt. There are plenty of us raring to go, but we are scattered all over the place. We need a group, or even just one strong personality, to get us all gathered into one effective force, and, if we ever did get organized in any successful manner, we could definitely win this fight.

I dare say the first Republican candidate who took the time to get large public rallies organized, strictly for the purpose of letting Americans show they are not happy with the mess the Democrats have made, could end up being elected president without ever having to make any other type campaign speech.

Well, I’m ready to join. Who wants to start the fight?

PS. Life to America!