A young, not-quite female human hybrid has been created and poses a threat to all of humanity. Sound familiar? This could be a description of either “Splice” or “Species”.  There are other similarities between these works, as well. SPOILER WARNING!

Similarities between “Species” and “Splice”

  • We made it. It is our fault. The only difference is who. In “Species”, the government made the alien hybrid before losing control, while in “Splice”, it is the fault of a human couple.
  • When they try to kill it, it escapes.
  • Once out of control, it wants to reproduce. And we’re trying to stop it.
  • “Let’s teach you how to be human” and “don’t get too attached” are both major plot points.
  • One word movie titles.
  • One syllable not-quite-normal-or-human names for the creations. In “Species”, it is Sil. In “Splice”, it is Dren.

Differences between “Species” and “Splice”

  • “Splice” is closer to Frankenstein than an alien invasion movie, though it does end up (spoiler alert) with a literal, violent reenactment of an Oedipus complex.
  • “Species” spawned (pun intended) a series. It wasn’t until one of the later movies, though, that you get a male hybrid that starts breeding.
  • The ending of “Species” shows the alien mutation capable of spreading to other species. In “Splice”, nothing gets made outside the lab or by sexual reproduction with said creatures.
  • “Species” is the result of malevolent alien race’s message, and we were stupid enough to do it.

I’m surprised that exact concern wasn’t discussed further in “Contact”. This concept isn’t unique, though, and humanity actually utilizes it to its own benefit in Moffit’s book “The Genesis Quest”.



If you want a generic action flick with layers of psychological horror, you may like “Species”. If you want a modern retelling of Frankenstein with Oedipus Rex thrown in, you’ll like “Splice”.