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It was finally time for the convention in Cleveland. The Quicken Loans Arena had never held so many people who held such little interest in the NBA. Outside of the arena, vendors hawked their wares, from knock-off red "Make America Great Again" hats, to Donald Trump action figures. Inside the venue, the Trump campaign had […]


"I can’t believe I’ve met someone like you at the GOP convention," he said to her as they munched on kale and beans in official Trump salad bowls. "I know," she replied, reaching out and touching his hand, "I can’t tell you how many lonely nights I’ve cried wishing I had someone to watch O’Reilly […]

Announcing The Winners For Liberty Island’s 2016 Summer of Love Contest

This was Liberty Island’s most popular and successful contest yet with the most submissions we have ever received. Today we feature our Grand Prize Winner, Runner Up, and the first honorable mention. Join us each week for the rest of the summer and into the fall as we feature 8 more delightful, creative tales of […]

Week Twenty-Three: The Stuffed Elephant

I was in my office at campaign headquarters, sipping on an organic watermelon smoothie, and going over the last two weeks of e-mails, which I had neglected because I was staying home to help take care of the baby. I had spent the entire morning showing baby pictures to the staff and volunteers, and if […]

PreTeena July 11-17 2016

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The Secret Life of Pets: Pet Owners Suck As Do Humans In General.

Does art imitate life or seek to skew our perception of death? It is possible that I’m overly sensitive today after twelve police officers were shot in Dallas by Black Lives Matter snipers last night. It seems that these folks have just crossed the line–a guerrilla style self-initiation that launched them into the radical militant […]

Week Twenty-Two: The 3AM Feeding

It was three o’clock in the morning, and the baby was screaming. We were trying to get him on a regular schedule for his early morning feeding, and he was not cooperating. It took him a little time to wake up, and to get over his annoyance at being woken up, before he would start […]

PreTeena July 4-10, 2016

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Week Twenty-One: The Blessed Event

“You don’t need to be here,” Emma said. “Why don’t I need to be here?” I asked. “We talked about this. I want to be in here for the delivery. You want me to be here for the delivery. I don’t want to miss it.” “You’re not going to miss it,” she said. “Didn’t you […]