Does art imitate life or seek to skew our perception of death?
It is possible that I’m overly sensitive today after twelve police officers were shot in Dallas by Black Lives Matter snipers last night. It seems that these folks have just crossed the line–a guerrilla style self-initiation that launched them into the radical militant group universe. Authorities are saying that the sniper was a lone wolf, but how many others wished they’d pulled the trigger?
Why aren’t Black Lives Matter members up in arms about blacks lives in general? For every one black man killed by a cop, justifiably or not, forty more black men are killed by other black men.
I generally can’t entertain an entire Rush Limbaugh live broadcast, but today’s was timely and gripping. Limbaugh interviewed Heather MacDonald, a highly-matriculated white female attorney who recently penned a book about the leftist demonization of our police. I highly recommend reading the transcript or streaming the interview to get the facts. For instance, how white cops are 18 times more likely to be killed by a black man than a black man is to likely to be killed by a white cop. The statistics are staggering.
Yes, they have far fewer opportunities, but that is no excuse for murder. Our nation needs healing, and the government can’t force that. Neither will a thousand liberals marching in black t-shirts who won’t admit that criminal behavior is partly to blame for the problems black men face. Black men need to be part of the solution. Instead of celebrating thugs, celebrate the millions of black men who use their brains for good and the strong black families in our nation who are raising leaders, academics, and productive citizens!
But it seems to me that the current government and liberals in general are only interested in fueling the fire. It’s a power play that no one can win. Here in Baltimore, a year after the tragic death of Freddie Gray that was so highly publicized, the city’s murder rate has only increased. And as I sit here and write, Black Lives Matter are illegally marching up the interstate towards us and through major arteries downtown. The city police have been ordered to stand down.
My kids have been looking forward to seeing "The Secret Life Of Pets" ever since the cute and cuddly previews began to air. The idea is brilliant, although I secretly know that my dogs lay on my sofa all day when I’m gone because there are warm indents full of dog hair on the couches when I get home.
I hate wasting money. Maybe because I am a staunch conservative or maybe because I’m cheap. Not sure which, but that’s irrelevant. I spent $50 for myself and our four kids for half a violent, scary, left leaning movie today. We spent the other half of the movie in my truck discussing how discarded pets wanting to kill humans in retaliation was just in poor taste. Never mind the sadistic animal control people.
Has killing become such an accepted topic that a theatre full of young families laugh as a thug bunny anxiously prods two dogs for details on exactly how they killed their owners? We got up and left, and I was happy to notice about five other families doing the same.
Shame on Hollywood for goading kids with cute and cuddly pets doing hilarious things just to get them to the movies to push that trash. The website for the film mentions nothing of the vicious death of one of the animals, a bulldog sporting a Hannibal Lector-esque facemask, or the murderous raptor who can’t help killing other animals because deep down he’s just really lonely and in need of a best friend.
Zero stars. Not for intended audience.
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