I Want Crabs for Christmas” by David Deboy is certifiably the best worst Christmas song that’s ever come out of the great Old Line State.

It was first released in 1981, but for some unknown reason, this Maryland native did not hear the awful (but playfully distastefully and catchy)  Baltimore holiday staple til this morning.

The worst part?  Now that I’ve metabolized it, it’s gotten less irritating and more endearing each time I hear the lyrics, particularly when enthusiastically belted out by our little guy, T-Rex.

The Verdict:

“I Want Crabs for Christmas” by David Deboy is eggnog spiked with Natty Boh, dusted with Old Bay, scooped up in an Utz potato chip.  Trust me, Hon.

Here’s a link to the whole song/video (if you can take it–it’s truly terrible):