The Left’s ability to find enemies is one of the more charming tells they brought over from their Marxist forbearers. As this quick summary notes about Stalin’s Great Purge, “…the whole world stood amazed listening to former die-hard communists confessing that they were, in fact, traitors and spies. It was more than obvious that the defendants were forced to confess under torture or threats to their family members.”  The commies were just as apt to unleash public vitriol and show trials (or assassination squads) against their internal political opponents as they were to hound-to-death outsiders who were powerful voices against the Dictatorship of the Proletariat.

George Orwell, the primal and necessary voice that transfigured irrational scientific socialism into still-horrifying art, portrayed these tendencies as the Two Minute Hate, wherein the proles were whipped into a Party-approved frenzy at various enemies of the state, the supreme enemy being one Emmanuel Goldstein, the Judas who betrayed the Marxist messiahs, and who, Mephistopheles-like, works to spread propaganda (or as it is known among the sane, “facts”) against the Party.

The Democrats and the American Left, nourished at the Red Teat whether they wish to acknowledge it or not (see the Mitrokhin archive) have carried on that fine and effective Stalinist tradition with their own Two Minute Hates and a rotating cast of Emmanuel Goldsteins (which tends to be anyone who threatens their stealthily socialist shibboleths) like these rascals:

The latest target of the current authorized Two Minute Hate is Jordan Peterson, a Canadian academic (professor of psychology) and practicing clinical psychologist. One might ask “What has this rather geeky sounding Canuck, with his kind of Don Knotts on ‘roids affect, done to arouse the righteous wrath of the Left?”

Funny how the word “dangerous” is suddenly applied to the same guy…almost as if a memo went out. But I digress.

Has this thought criminal made racist or anti-Semitic remarks?

Is he an elected official who happily hangs with anti-Semites?

Is he a known serial sexual predator who just so happens to be a high-profile supporter of Democrats and massive donor to their pet causes?

Err…no. Those aren’t enough to get the Party Pure on their feet.  Mr. Peterson stands,J’Accuse, convicted of far more heinous crimes:

  • He’s peddling the insane snake oil that men and women are fundamentally different.

Of course, xe know zhat’s heteronormative nonsense. Watch with what cruelty he rejects xer’s pitiful pleas to recognize xer personal pronoun (I have it on good authority before xe was xnown as xer, zhey were known as the Grand Duchess Anastasia, lost heir to the Russian throne).

  • He claims the way an individual’s life turns out is largely within their own control.

This is the worst kind of Philosophical Ponzi scheme, exactly you’d expect from an Emmanuel Goldstein.  First you tell the downtrodden victims of the capitalist system that self-esteem is earned by performing personal acts worth of esteem (being responsible, frugal, dependable, working to improve yourself). Next they’re seeing how they can improve their circumstances with some self-motivated initiative – yes, it’s White Privilege™ by another name, we all know that – then the next thing you know the proles might start getting uppity and deciding they’re not victims of The Man and thinking they don’t need the loving mentorship (an Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove) of the selfless guardians of the Party (Democrat Party, in this case).

  • He inspires the worst in our society… young Men.

“His combative nature and mastery of video has proved to be catnip for extremely online young men,”the Washington Post assures us in a most feline tone of superiority. And look at the dangerous drivel he unleashes upon the poor, misguided chaps:

Like a Great Northern Buddha, he utters dangerous, poisonous credos like “Set your house in perfect order before you criticize the world.”That can’t be allowed to stand: the only proper employment for good citizens is to criticize Eastasia at all times… until directed to bewail the wickedness of Oceania (or a GOP President). But focus on themselves? That’s a waste of the People’s energy.

Naturally, someone who is polluting the precious fluids of the Liberal Body Politic must be stopped. Dr. Peterson’s Two Minute Hate will probably be on high-rotation at all the hot spots where the best sorts of people gather.


Image via Youtube screengrab