Last Thursday (June 6, 2018) was the 74thanniversary of World War II’s , the Allied invasion of Europe that began the final, inexorable push to get the Nazi foot off the neck of… well, the World.

Google (one of the most valuable companies in the world) decided not to feature a remembrance of that day on the splash page of their search engine. Apparently, it wasn’t important enough to note. On Sunday, June 10, 2018, this was featured on their splash page:

Yep. Google believed that “Celebrating the Garden Gnome!” was more important than memorializing the unity and the sacrifice that ended one of the largest armed conflicts in history.

Funny thing about belief. Last week I mentioned in passing the Grand Duchess Anastasia, the youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II, the last sovereign of Imperial Russia. The details of the deaths of that family at the hands of the People’s Party are gruesome and heartless––Lenin’s assassins killed not only the family, but their servants and even the family pets before chopping their bodies up and tossing the remains down a mine shaft. Almost immediately rumors began that the Duchess had survived, and over the years, various claimants have surfaced to declare that yes, they were Anastasia. Absent forensic proof (the site of the massacre was unknown to scientists until after the fall of the Soviet Union), and before DNA testing, some of the women-who-would-be-the-Czarina were hard to prove.

The more famous ones had their supporters. One woman, now known as Anna Anderson, was supported by an earnest writer, who allowed himself to be convinced by the evidence that supported what he believed, including details like “ear shape in photos” and overlooking the fact the “Duchess” didn’t speak Russian. In a documentary of his efforts to have Anna Anderson declared the one true and rightful heir, there is a sad and sobering moment when the writer was presented with definite, undeniable proof regarding the validity of Anna Anderson’s claim.

Keep in mind the writer has spent decades defending the Duchess, learning about her life before the Revolution, supporting the woman, writing books about her. And then he receives the news that Anna Anderson has absolutely no valid, factual, scientific genetic connection to the poor dead Romanovs. The shock on the writer’s face, captured pitilessly on the documentary, was horrific to watch.

But the news the guy had a heart attack the next day was not quite as sobering. He’d been a true believer, he’d dedicated a huge portion of his time to proclaiming the depth of his faith in that belief. When it was shown to be a sham, it broke his heart. Literally.

In the current Cultural Civil War (not a Cultural Cold War, we’re past that), the Left has staked a lot on their belief that they were the better (gentler, kinder, more compassionate) people. But their ability to use the media myth makers to coerce the dupes into believing America Needs The Democrat’s Rebranded Socialism is fading. Like any other apocalyptic cult that watched the planned date of God’s Return/The Avatar Arrive/or Our Space Alien Proctologists Will See You Now, Liberals are increasing becoming more and more frantic about how to protect and impose their world view.

Take the comforting “Conservatives are hateful… almost anythings (unless they are useful tools, like John McCain).” So their misogyny and homophobia and antisemitism is a given, and yet one more reason to declare “This is why we Progressives are the Nice People.”  Yet, there’s the feckless c**try of Samatha Bee, mistaking junior high-invective for insightful satire, to say nothing of every Democrat’s favorite conserva-faux Stephen Colbert’s cock-holster declaration about Donald Trump. And Al Sharpton or Louis Farrakhan’s speeches and actions stand miserably on their own.

When one confronts the Liberal True Believer about this apparent breach of principles, what we benighted red-stater rebels hear are variations of “well, they deserved it” or “that thing we claimed was so important for every member of that group doesn’t apply to people who have the wrong beliefs (like being pro-choice).”

For the Left, their will for power has always been part of a religious war, a fact conservatives are only recently coming to acknowledge. Again, to get on my best John Bircher soapbox: This is what the Commies have preached for decades, it’s the Marxist mother’s milk they’ve been feeding to the Liberals and Progressives for almost as long, which fortified them to go forth and #RESIST. It’s total war for the hearts and minds (which are as good as souls, one supposes), and so any troublesome belief or behavior or opinion of the unteachable proles must arise from their moral and political failings (which are the same thing to the There is No God But The Democrat Party and The Current Candidate Is Xer Prophet crowd).

Like any group of religious fanatics Liberals will act as if what they believe is true, and when those beliefs or power are threatened, they will react. Jim Jones’ People’s Temple turned their disappointment and rage inward, destroying themselves. ISIS, for instance, murderously insists on imposing their bloody vision of Islam on pretty much anyone they meet. It is becoming clearer and clearer how Democrats are going to respond to the heretics who dare to challenge the fundamentals of Liberal faith.


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