When I was but a lad in Nebraska, one-hit wonders Wild Cherry released their epic paean to the seductive joys of finding one’s groove and getting down wid it:

Since our only exposure to the song was courtesy of the blown-out speakers of the AM radio in my Dad’s ’54 Chevy truck, the most we nascent deplorables could make out was the bouncy beat and the repeated admonition “Play that funky music, white boy.”

Talk about words to live by.  It wasn’t until I was older (with access to better sound systems) that I began to appreciate the crazy joy in the music.  But speaking of crazy and music, we have Kanye West, a fellow with no shortage of confidence and very debatable musical ability.

He recently decided to suggest via the Public Square of Our Time (Twitter) that perhaps…

… just maybe…

… it could be conceivable…

… it’s within the realm of possibility that Donald Trump isn’t the misbegotten spawn of Adolf Hitler and a mentally deficient nanny goat.

Pray, what horrific statement did Kanye proffer to a stunned world?

The world trembled.

At least the entertainment world.

Jeffrey Wright, a well-respected actor of color, declared “If you think Donald Trump is a good alternative to anything, you’re out of your phucking tree,” while the comedian Kumail Nanjiani offered his considered opinion:  “This was the worst twitter day in Twitter history.” And then Mr. West, clearly not corrected by the chastening he received from his betters, really went off the reservation:

It got worse.  Another African-American entertainer voiced what is clearly the unthinkable:

Since the recalcitrant Kayne refused to listen to reason from his peers, and was even fomenting rebellion, the Truth Squad rolled onto the scene, with the Washington Post chiding West for being “taken in by the absurd argument that black voters are slaves on the Democratic Party plantation.”

A website called “Very Smart Brothas” bravely summed up Kanye’s heresy thusly: “Kanye’s recent actions have shown, in a clear and unambiguous fashion, that he doesn’t care about black people.”

Uh, yeah.  Show some support for a GOP President and automatically… you don’t care about black people.

Be a successful black person, say a brain surgeon who rose from the ghetto, and share a message that people can make choices about their lives and those choices will affect how their lives turn out, this is someone who is clearly an Uncle Tom who “doesn’t care about people in public housing. He believes that if you are poor, it is your own fault.”

Democrats have no trouble leveling these kinds of charges, because they know, they preach, that the system is stacked against persons of color and the only thing that will rescue those poor, helpless persons of color is more power to Democrats. And anyone of color who says differently is not only not a nice person, but they’re not authentically black, either.

That’s nothing like being a captive where you’re told what to do, when to do it, and what to think or anything.


Photo by simosmme