As a veteran who once held a security clearance (along with marksmen and expert ribbons in certain firearms), a tax-payer for over 40 years, and a guy who’s only seen the inside of a jail cell while doing research, I find Dandy David Hogg unqualified to lecture me on responsible gun-ownership… I’d as soon listen to him school me on how to invest for retirement.  Yes, I know that according to stellar minds like Nancy Pelosi and Whoopi (“If a Democrat artist drugs and sodomizes a 13 year-old girl, it’s not rape-rape”) Goldberg, a “survivor” like Mr. Hogg has absolute moral authority.

This moral authority, strangely, is only offered to people who agree with current Progressive Pronouncements, as certified by his heavy rotation on CNN (aka, “MTV for Liberals who still get wood over Hillary”), while another student who also managed to escape the massacre with a different perspective on how to keep students safe at school (it might just involve “shooting back”) is found to lack that the correct kind of moral authority, and his air time is effectively zero.

Too, Mr. Hogg is a spectacularly uninspiring hero. I touched on this last week, but, let’s face it: granted, he’s still a teenager, but he was hiding during the shooting. Other classmates died, taking bullets for their fellow students, and a lucky one or two did the same and survived. Yet the Democrat’s pet Press tells me the guy who saved his own ass rather than actually take action is a person worthy of my attention and respect. A proposition to which I respond, with absolutely no respect, “Bullshit.”

This guy, on the other hand… him I’d listen to.

Which leads me to another reason I’m becoming an NRA life member. I know that when a legally armed citizen stops a bad guy, those stories are almost instantly elided and buried.   I also know that inconvenient facts (like CDC research showing millions of defensive gun uses) will never makes the headlines the way the latest anti-conservative smears would (“Research Shows Conservatives Are Psychotic!” No, it doesn’t).

There’s also the issue of the anti-gunners not meaning what they are bleating about.  Freakonomics looked at the data (rather than the headlines) and proved that swimming pools are far more deadly to children under four than accidental death by handgun, yet the people who scream “If it saves only one life” are not yammering about eliminating pools.

Abortion is a medical procedure that when used as designed in legally and lawfully manner will cause death. When abortion was misused by a lunatic criminal cretin, Kermit Gosnell (go ahead and Google him, his crimes were treated by the Pravda Press as a “Local Story” and you weren’t subjected to them 24/7 on the dependably Democrat cable shows), neither Rosie O’Donnell or Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer were demanding the end of abortion.

Over and over, we’ll see it: legal product, used illegally, ends up murdering people. Yet of all the things (cars, airplanes, baseball bats, hammers) that can be used by lunatic cretins to kill, those products are never suggested as fit for banning.  Only firearms are worthy of that special category, because in the dependable Democrat fashion, the law-abiding must always be punished for the actions of the lawless.

The same people #MarchingForTheirLives don’t care about my family’s safety – see their determination to invite criminals, aka “illegal aliens” into the country. The same Left that wants to dictate the school my children attend  and wanted to force me to buy un-needed health insurance, people who neither know me nor my circumstances, want me to believe they know best how I can protect myself and my family.

Mostly, I’m now a member of the NRA because I know the Left doesn’t give a good goddamn about my freedom.


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