Those words that I said,
The way that they cut . . . deep.
My intent to wound wore
no disguise.

Anger and wrath.
But you drew first blood.
I think.
Or was I seeing and fighting
with ghosts.

I wish I could take them back.
Those words that I said.

I know they wounded. And lingered.
The residue clung.
That no wind could alter, and no wave could redress.

I wish I could take time


Could I seal the slice.
Could I heal – the scar.
Could I press rewind.
And not say

what I said.

So many years back. So long ago.
We let it rest. A lifetime ago.

I didn’t mean it.
My anger – it was all just misled.
Striking back – at the taunting ghosts in my head.

I yearned for forgiveness for the guilt that I pled.
And you did say you forgive – and forget.
So maybe it’s dead.

But maybe I wrestle with the dreams that we shred.
Maybe I still yearn to soothe – the hurt that you held.

Maybe I stray from the roads lying ahead.

Just wish I could take back,

Those words that I said.


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