Embarked on my journey.
With destination in mind.

Heaviness to get in the car.
With objective in mind.

Foot on the gas pedal.
With plans on my mind.

The freedom of driving.
Alone with my time.

A burden to exit the vehicle.
What a pain to my mind.

Don’t wanna stop.

What a bother.

Don’t wanna get out.


Nearing my destination.
Piercing my mind.

Wish it was further away.

To breathe –
and be alone with my time.

A wound to exit this vehicle.
A slice to my mind.

A new thought pierces me.

It’s silent but shouts.

The yearning that’s calling me.

Don’t have to get out.


A glance in the rear-view.
Leaving nothing behind.

A barren field to return to.
A thought comes to mind.

Destination isn’t important.
Just a weight to my time.

I can drive past it,
And see what I find.

Don’t want to be bothered.

Don’t want it to stop.

I sense where it’s leading.

Don’t want to get out.


Drive past my target,
Waving goodbye.

Breathe a sigh of relief.
With new roads to try.

Pressing ahead,
With chains to unwind.

Made my decision.
Gained faith in time.

Won’t turn around.

Too much freedom to find.

Stopping isn’t an option.
When the world can’t be kind.

When there’s no more caution.

And there’s no other doubt.

To stay true to one’s calling.

Not gonna get out.


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