Liberty Island has been republishing a series of poems by Jamie Glazov first published in 2016, now with new images. This is the fifth.

I saw it

In your eyes.

When words fail
to speak goodbyes.
When long passages await
Our muffled cries.

When paths less traveled
Must pass us by.
On other sides.
That hide goodbyes.

And then it’s time
For fortune’s clock arrived.
Of borrowed time.

And time to let the friendships die
And be reawakened
In another time.
Where wounds and scrapes
Become expired, priceless

The anguish
of goodbyes.
Of that last meal to dine.
When hearts doth crack and
Tears drench tired eyes.

The anguish of the
ended miles.

And then it’s time to
say goodbye.

And you dared to tell me without lies.
But in silence that spoke
of our next meeting
in that
other time.

On that last seashore yet,
of higher tides, where glances meet and
heal awakened, tender cries.

I know it.

I saw it

In your eyes.


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