Liberty Island will be republishing a series of poems by Jamie Glazov first published in 2016, now with new images. This is the fourth.

When you left.

A missing announcement.

No light piercing the darkness.
No key for a hope.

When you left.

A bottomless well lingering where
sorrow could grow.
Reflections dry in the darkness,
A forest’s endurance and core.

A stranger’s hand with a mirror
Rebounded the rays.
Cast a light much too nearer
In the emptiness.

Your exit failed to shine in the darkness.
In the mirrorless light.
When a departure is artless
In the shadow of night.

Our past was our present
Because we knew when we met.
Of hearts that doth flicker,
and of seconds that end.

When you arrived and we knew that,
That we met what we felt,
When we wept and we knew that.

That that’s when you left.

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