Liberty Island will be republishing a series of poems by Jamie Glazov first published in 2016, now with new images. This is the second.

I wish I would have said hi.

But discomfort.
At a greeting’s aftermath.
Words fail.

Awkwardness of extrication.

Certain questions.
You might ask.
Answers lacking.
Emotional stamina near empty.

Busy street.
You most likely
wouldn’t have recognized me.
Twenty five years.
Or more.

I admired you.
I was little.
You were my teacher.
Kind and helpful.
And strong.
Often reprimanded me.

Warms my heart now.
How many know me now,
for as long as you do?

I decided to go back.
To say hi.

You had already gone.

I owed it to you.


I wish I would have said hi.

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