While we agree that election season is spooky enough, we still want to bring some true Halloween terror to Liberty Island this year.
The theme of this year’s Halloween Horror Short Fiction Contest is family. That is, your assignment is to work family relationships into the plot in some way. We leave the how up to you; but make sure to retain the horror element and integrate the themes as closely as possible.
In short, make it hard for our judges sleep at night after reading your entry…
Entries should be 1,000-5,000 words long, and can be of any genre you like–but expect that the judges will give bonus points for unexpected genres and storylines.
The best entries will be featured in Liberty Island’s Halloween release, and may be collected in a themed anthology in the future–so be sure to send us your best stuff. And we’ll pick one overall winning story and the author will receive a gift package of Liberty Island swag.
Entries are due Friday, October 23rd, 2015. Good luck!
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