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J.P. Medved

J.P. Medved writes fun adventure stories and thoughtful thrillers, from Steampunk works like To Rescue General Gordon to libertarian techno-thrillers like Justice, Inc.

When not writing, J.P. can be found frying anything he can get his hands on in his deep fat fryer, shooting tons of guns and losing himself in a good book at the most inopportune times (around the dinner table, at baseball games, during heartfelt emotional conversations).

J.P. Medved Brings Justice, Inc. to the Laissez Fair

The innovative sci-fi thriller Justice, Inc by J.P. Medved makes an appearance at a libertarian gathering. Here are some photos.

“At least 24 dead, another 13 wounded. Survivors describe one man, wearing a JI uniform, opening fire…”

Here’s an excerpt from page 69, the start of chapter 6…

Join the adventure of Justice, Inc by J.P. Medved; pick it up today on Amazon!


‘Eric’s face was close enough for Fletcher to read the rage etched across it.’

J.P. Medved’s Justice Inc. will blow you away with its sci-fi action

Former Army Ranger Eric Ikenna has co-founded a private army with his venture capitalist friend. He’ll have to fight like hell to keep it alive once it threatens the status quo of political interests who rely on brutal dictators.

Killing Dictators for Fun and Profit: How the Private Sector does Foreign Intervention Better Than the Government

Could a private company do a better job in places like Iraq and Afghanistan than the U.S. government?