I was first introduced to Rick Partlow’s book Glory Boy, a standalone book tied into the “Birthright” trilogy. I had the honor of interviewing Rick Partlow about this and his other works.

Tamara Wilhite: You have a military background, and some of your work is compared to “Starship Troopers” because of the power suits and their use in military warfare. Why do so many of your stories center around soldiers in mecha suits?

Rick Partlow:  I suppose it’s because some of my favorite military SF books involve mecha and powered armor.  Starship Troopers, John Steakley’s Armor, the Battletech Novels, William H Keith’s Warstrider books.  I’ve always found the concept fascinating, high tech knights in shining armor.

Tamara Wilhite: Do you think mecha suits, cybernetics or other technology will revolutionize warfare in the near future? If not, what else do you think is on the horizon?

Rick Partlow: I think powered exoskeletons will come, eventually.  It’s just waiting on a power source or perhaps the development of high-temperature superconductors.  More immediately, armed drones are already revolutionizing warfare, and I imagine the next development will be systems to jam and/or take over the radio controls for drones.

Tamara Wilhite: Does the book The Seeds of Gaia tie into any of your other series? Or is it the start of a new one?

Rick Partlow:  Seeds of Gaia is a stand-alone novel, as things stand.  I wrote the first 30-40,000 words of it years ago and decided to finish it because it was a story I wanted to tell.  Whether I ever go back to that universe depends on reader response.  As of now, it is not one of my more popular books.

Tamara Wilhite: How would you describe the “Wholesale Slaughter” series of books in 20 words or less?

Rick Partlow: Mercenaries in mechs fighting pirates and aliens and bad guys in mechs.

Tamara Wilhite: Book 4 came out September 11, 2019. Will there be more books in the series?

Rick Partlow:  Actually, book six, the final book in the series, comes out October 8.  There may be more later on, but six will be the last book for a while.

Tamara Wilhite: You’ve had short stories published in a number of anthologies. Are they all military science fiction? What else have you written?

Rick Partlow:  I have written space opera, mil-SF, fantasy and I am currently writing a post-apocalyptic short story for an upcoming anthology.

Tamara Wilhite: What else are you working on? What would you like to add?

Rick Partlow:  I recently finished work on the last book in the Broken Arrow Mercenary Force trilogy that I was writing with Drew Avera and that just came out.  Now I am starting on a new mil-SF trilogy with Aethon Books tentatively titled Drop Trooper.


Here are links to Wholesale Slaughter 1 and Broken Arrow Mercenary Force 1, Merchants of War

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