Someone asked if we should set up artificial intelligences to act as judges and arbiters. My answer is a resounding no. Here are a few of my concerns, and please let me know what issues you’d add to this list.

  • Do you want AI likely made by the same people who program red light cameras handling the appeal of said tickets?
  • When Child Protective Services already fails to distinguish neglect from poverty, do you want CPS getting orders from AI that are even more lacking in discretion?
  • Do you want to live in a real world version of the language policing AIs in Demolition Man?
  • Do you want the same government agencies that blacklisted travelers because their name was similar to a terrorist’s alias relying on the same tools to determine if you get off?
  • Do we want artificial intelligences roaming the internet monitoring our speech in real time, whether to issue fines or censor it?
  • Don’t you think that these same AIs will review our computer files and information appliances for anything they can penalize us for? Think of the revenue potential – their creators will.
  • Is it really fair to give artificial intelligences permission to penalize us for not following insanely complex and often conflicting regulations?
  • Do you want to take the chance that AIs would be given the resources to comb through our lives and compare them against those same masses of regulations so they can fine or jail us?
  • Since we’re adding devices to many cars for pay-as-you-go insurance, why would anyone think the state won’t start using that data to automatically issue tickets?


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