MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” has the unique ability to get any story, fact, or analogy ass backwards on a regular basis. The day before the March for Our Lives rally, a liberal guest, amidst a sea of liberal Joesters, gloated that the Parkland students couldn’t really be criticized, since, after all, they’re the Parkland students. The reporter then likened the teen movement against the NRA to David and Goliath.

Goliath was a braggart who challenged the Israelites to fight only him in order to win all or lose all. Today’s Goliath is David Hogg, Parkland survivor and braggart, hardly the boy shepherd whose story of bravery is actually echoed by the National Rifle Association.

David Hogg has attacked the five million members of the NRA from atop Goliath, whose ungainly body is made up of Hollywood, more than ninety percent of the mainstream media, the Democrat Party, and progressive educators beholden to activism and distrustful of critical thinking.

Thousands of deaths and assaults are prevented every year due to armed citizens, who oftentimes need only brandish a weapon in order to deter an attacker. The NRA’s protection of the Second Amendment helps to insure that the average American, including many women, have access to the gun of their choice for the protection of themselves and their families. These are facts lost on the new “Civil Rights” movement so inaccurately named by the media. The real Civil Rights movement isn’t with the March for Our Lives crowd but with the NRA’s commitment to keep the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights, especially with former SCOTUS justice John Paul Stevens calling for its repeal.

Mr. Hogg brags about annihilating his enemy in the next election, mostly the old, the bitter clingers, humiliating them well into the future, a history to be written someday by utopian dreamboats like himself. He and his angry band of nihilists are the current flotsam that’s risen to the surface after more than two centuries of revolutionaries working to bring about Heaven on Earth: the communist chant of no more property has temporarily given way to American youngsters chanting no more guns.

Mr. Hogg and his fellow chanters and screamers should look to Kyle Kashuv, the thoughtful, passionate young man wanting to engage his classmates and community in a serious discussion to secure American schools and prevent the next Parkland massacre. Kyle is dealing with the real and difficult questions concerning the “Broward Cowards” and how the shooter remained untouched by local authorities, never arrested, his behavior never seriously held to account.

David Hogg and his fellow marchers need to climb down from Goliath and take a deep breath and reclaim their minds. They also need to pick up after themselves. In DC they left their garbage everywhere.

Mr. Hogg and his supporters may soon become the very thing they despise: a bitter old man sitting on a junk-strewn porch with potato chip crumbs all over his ratty old sweater, glaring at a world that he’s never understood. Young bodies, hip clothes, rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous doesn’t guarantee a youthful spirit and surely doesn’t insure a profound connection with young King David.


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