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Book Description:
Rico has a problem. The experimental program that gave him the high intelligence and lightning reflexes he needs as a hit man for a galactic crime syndicate left him incapable of internalizing moral imperatives the rest of us take for granted. It takes real effort for him to pass as a normal human being and he avoids it whenever he can. But he has a job he loves, a fast ship and plenty of cash. So life is good.
When Rico takes an assignment on a planet where a major political conference seeks to bring more order to the galaxy, he accidentally thwarts a terrorist attack and has to pose as a visiting cop from a faraway world. To complicate matters, he partners with a local female cop and soon realizes he has fallen in love. That shouldn’t happen! But not everything is as it seems, and as the story speeds along from one unexpected plot twist to another, Rico discovers the secret of his own identity and faces a terrible choice.
Will Rico live to become fully human? Or will he die just as he grasps what has been missing from his life?
Frank Fleming’s exciting debut novel combines action, romance, and moral philosophy in an entertainingly combustible mix.
Editorial reviews:
"Let me just enthusiastically recommend this intelligent and entertaining book." — Kia Heavey, author of Domino, Underlake, and Night Machines
"This is one of the better books in military/crime related science fiction to come out this year and I look forward to more work by Mr. Fleming." — Christopher Robin
Author bio:
Frank J. Fleming is an author (Obama: The Greatest President in the History of Everything), political humor columnist (New York Post and PJ Media), and blogger (IMAO.us). Frank is a Carnegie Mellon University graduate and also works as an electrical and software engineer when he’s not writing. He lives in Idaho with his wife and two kids.
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