To General Keitel,

The snails were surprisingly delicious. I never thought they would have arrived so quickly as well. I suppose French food is more than meets my eye. Now, I would like to try my hand at a bit of Irish cuisine. Who knows what those dancing leprechauns can give to my German palette. Maybe later, I can introduce some of these dishes to my lion tamer. He has quite the adventurous appetite you know!

Reichsmarschall Goring. 08.07.40

Molly Dearest,

I had to pay a pretty penny to have this smuggled, but I couldn’t hold myself back. You may still hate me, but dammit this is what is needed for us, for our people! These sausage eaters may be the ultimate key for true Irish independence. No more Protestants stomping on our brothers in Belfast while those Brits just watch and laugh. No more of it. A free Emerald Isle, isn’t that what you dreamed of? Isn’t that what you wanted for any future children? Do not tell me that the dream is dead or that you don’t believe in the Cause. I’m here for you and for us all. Be sure to keep track of the news, we’re gonna make some fireworks on Jerry’s orders, just you see. By the grace of God above, you will see the genius of Seamus and the others.

With all my love,


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