When Anthony Schumacher decided to run for the congressional seat of the retiring Representative Theodore Milhous Johnson, his meteoric rise through the conservative ranks was all but assured – he was a young, articulate lawyer with a beautiful wife and family. Nothing could stop him from one day becoming President. But instead of budget battles and health-care debates, his life as a promising politician led him to uncover secrets – dark secrets that some people in power would want to keep hidden forever. But who were they? Democrats? Terrorists? His fellow Republicans? And how far were they willing to go to knock young Schumacher off his pedestal? Sex scandals? Murder?

The next political firestorm engulfing Washington, D.C. or gripping the nation could prove to be Anthony’s undoing. Or his ascendance to power could shake the very foundation of the United States Government and result in the tumultuous Thunder in the Capital.

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