Last summer, I met Tom Wilkinson, an art photographer who lives in Brooklyn and sports a hipster beard. His wife Alissa was a professor of mine. I’ve since spent hours at their apartment, poring over Tom’s graphic novel collection (including Sandman, Fables, Unwritten, and much much more), playing Mass Effect and watching Buffy on their giant TV, and discussing current and future writing and art projects. It was through this connection that I learned about Tom’s narrative photography project.

Four years ago, Tom started a labor of love exploring friendship in the 21st century, a project to create a series of still, cinematic images that tell interlocking stories about overlapping groups of friends. Exploring romance and platonic love in a modern city setting, the parts of a series are meant to be viewed in order to properly communicate the narrative.

This photography project is a complex and detailed enterprise. Each photo shoot requires as many hours of set up and prep time as a typical film set would need. Actors need to be cast; schedules need to be coordinated; and props, lighting, and furniture need to be set up to make the perfect shot. Every click of the camera costs $6, and every end photograph is so detailed that only one can be produced per shooting day.

As of now, about forty out of a total of sixty-five images have been created. Tom and his merry band of dedicated actors and volunteers are embarking on the last leg of their long journey, and need to raise $10,000 more to complete the project. They’re in the home stretch, but they need all the help they can get to make it past the finish line. Please consider becoming a part of this beautiful and intricate expedition by giving to Tom’s kickstarter. If you have a desire to see unique photographic art in this world, your contribution won’t be wasted.

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