Cheese grits. That’s what it is – something awesome made awesome…er. Posters of wonderful simplicity in design, yet rich with underlying and relevant nuance have popped up all over Santa Monica, Ca. Sub par.

It’s totally contrarian. I mean, like, everyone loves the guy and, like, if you, like… don’t, well then, like you know, you’re [bad words]. Tsk tsk, shame shame.

For people who live their lives pretending that the uncertainty principle only applies when they say it does this little spurt of anonymous public poster ridicule has to be flat-out maddening. Think about it – you’ve convinced yourself that you are the answer to everything, and then you see these posters popping up. "Who could be so mean and wrong and remain anonymous?!? We must find them and ‘educate’ them!"

I almost expect the DNC to take credit for it, pretending they made the posters in some reverse-psychology experiment. Then they’ll call everyone who likes the posters "racists."

Personally, I just hate golf. And I also hate bullsh**. So when I see somebody playing golf 3 times a month and telling the world how hard he’s working or complaining about how difficult his life is, I have a knee-jerk reaction where I exclaim "Bullsh**!"

Then come the "What’s the big deal?" folks. "I want my president to have time to relax. His job is tough. He makes tough decisions," and so on. These comments bring further exclamations about bovine functions. People who say crap like that are confusing the office with a throne. It’s a JOB. And anyone doing it had to beg US for it. ‘Member dat.


Some minimalist political art, courtesy of the good folks at the People’s Cube.

How dare these dissidents engage in "art." They obviously need more diversity of skin color, coupled with more uniformity of hegemony-approved thought. That’s what makes art, after all.

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