Fed up with the conformity, groupthink, and stifling political correctness of today’s popular culture? Looking for great stories and entertainment created by people who share your values and ideals? Wondering where to find the next Tom Clancy or Vince Flynn?
Enter Liberty Island Media. Liberty Island’s mission is to find the very best fiction written by conservative, libertarian and contrarian authors, and to present it to a mass audience through an online magazine and book publishing arm. Liberty Island is currently open for business at, featuring dozens of fantastic short stories in genres ranging from mystery to SciFi to humor.
"We have been stunned by the high quality of submissions we’ve received, mostly from unknown, self-published authors," say Liberty Island CEO and President Adam Bellow. "People tell us that you can literally get lost reading for hours on the site, it’s that good."
Liberty Island is capitalizing on a new counterculture that is rising on the right, fueled by the dreams and aspirations of talented authors all over the country who just happen to be conservative and whose values and perspective have for too long been excluded by the liberal cultural monopoly. These entrepreneurial creators have been inspired by the arrival of new digital technologies to write and publish their own works. The result is a backlog of excellent conservative and libertarian fiction, which sits unpublished and waiting for an audience.
"A well-developed feeder system already exists to identify and promote liberal and leftist writers," adds Adam Bellow. "Nothing like that exists for conservative authors."
Liberty Island is the brainchild of a couple of conservative media pros. ADAM BELLOW is an experienced editor of political nonfiction books with a long record of publishing bestsellers by prominent conservatives. (He is currently editorial director of Broadside Books at HarperCollins.) DAVID BERNSTEIN is a long-time magazine, digital, and book publishing entrepreneur.
At Liberty Island, writers can post new work, blog, interact with readers and engage with colleagues in their own and other creative fields. Stories not selected as featured works may be posted in an "Open Range" self-publishing section. Liberty Island also plans to offer workshops and other resources to help writers hone their craft and reach a wider audience. No aspiring writer will be turned away.
"What strikes me most about these writers is their cultural and geographical isolation," Bellow says. "Not only are they ideologically excluded from mainstream publishing, they are scattered all over the country." Liberty Island will do for conservative writers and artists what Greenwich Village did for the Beats, and what Seattle did for Grunge: provide a home, a community, and a base of passionate support from a community of likeminded fans.
Liberty Island debuts this week at
CONTACT:ADAM BELLOW [email protected]
DAVID BERNSTEIN [email protected]
Facebook: Twitter: @LibertyIsleMag
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