Liberty Island maintains only informal submission guidelines; we are open to a wide variety of fiction contributions. In general, we are looking for the following:

  • Works of any length from short story (1000 words or more, typically) up to and including full length novels.
  • Works should be in one (or more) of our preferred genres including thriller, crime, fantasy, mystery, adventure, horror, ghost, SF, historical, gothic, humor, parody/satire, alt-history, political, romance and young adult. We are also interested in comics/graphic novels.
  • We prefer works that are culturally contrarian and demonstrate a spirit of political independence.
  • We further prefer works which espouse the values of liberty, individualism, and American exceptionalism.

To submit, email the following to [email protected]:

  • Brief description of the work you want to submit
  • Your bio
  • Your material (preferably as an attachment in Word)
  • Plot summary of your submission (if your work is a novel)

You may also post a sample directly to our Open Range section to receive feedback from our readers.

Good luck!

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