I know it is early, but it will seem like a blink of an eye before we are fixated on who’s showing up in Iowa and New Hampshire, who’s made the latest gaffe, and who’s already working the angles. So I set forth here in the simplest terms what I seek in a President of the United States of America:

First, he or she must have command of the English language; with all of its rhythms and cadences. Leaders of both parties have led us to linguistic lofty heights in the past – think of Lincoln’s second inaugural and his Gettysburg address; the verbal drumbeat of war as FDR listed all the other places besides Pearl Harbor than had been attacked; and Reagan’s "Tear down this wall!" The president should be capable of "mobilizing the English language and sending it into battle," as was said of Churchill. It is the most powerful weapon on earth.
The second is the inspiration and bona fides behind the first. He or she must have a deep and abiding love for the United States of America. I mean a starry-eyed, gob-smacked, teen-first-crush, feel-it-in-the-pit-of-your-stomach love for Lady Liberty. If that kind of love is the star by which navigation is set, the ship of state will sail on, squared away and on course, despite any wind of adversity.
Dum spiro spero.
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