Check out this list featuring some of the year’s most popular and thoughtful contributions to Liberty Island.

1. Red Sunset: How Movies, Punk Rock and Cosmic Girl Helped Me Win the Cold War by Mark Judge


2, 3, and 4. What You Believe Can Kill You… Or at Least, Kill Your Soul…Faith In Our Fathers and Paging Jordan Peterson, Your Two-Minute Hate is Ready by Roy M. “Griff” Griffis


5 and 6. Is There a War on Boys in the Classroom? You Bet Your Treasure Island There Is! and Rites of Passage in Classical Literature for Boys, Part 3: Treasure Island by David Churchill Barrow


7 and 8. Did Star Wars Jump the Shark Or Was It Devoured by Parasites? and The Ethics of Sex Bots by Tamara Wilhite


9. The Incredibles 2: How To Waste A Good Premise by Oren Litwin


10 and 11. New Fiction: The Baton and New Fiction: All That Once Was Good by Tom Cosentino


12, 13, 14, 15, and 16. The New Adventures of Justin T. Fairchild, Social Justice Warrior: Episode 1, The Secret Society by Curtis Edmonds, also Check out:

Episode 2: The Play Date

Episode 3: The Russian Collusion

Episode 4: The Pee Tape

Episode 5: The Higher Loyalty


17. On Conservative Antiheroes by Scott Smith


18. New Fiction: Looking for Karen by Joseph McGrail


19, 20, and 21. Reading Klavan In CanadaWhat Avengers: Infinity War Can Teach Us About Winning The Culture War, and Banished From The Promised Land: A Tale of Two Canadian Anti-Heroes by Josh Lieblein


22. New Fiction: Free Gershwin! by Mike Baron


23. Why Child Sacrifice Is Easy to Imagine by Audie Cockings


24, 25, and 26. New Science Fiction: Why Me?, 1987New Fiction: Dos & Hem in Spain’s Civil War, Part 1Frankenstein, Politician by David Walls-Kaufman


27, 28, and 29. Building an Audience While Writing Politically Charged FictionScene & Sequel: Thickening the Plot, and Writing Stealthcon 101: Plots That Don’t Preach by Jamie K. Wilson


30 and 31. Just What is Conservative Theatre Anyway? and Don’t Call Us; We’ll Have Sex with You by Robert Cooperman


32. New Fiction: The First in the Darkness by Magnus O’Mallon


33 and 34. An EMP Attack: Worse Than the Zombie ApocalypseFrom the Big Bang to Sinatra’s ‘Night and Day’ by Fred Tribuzzo


35. The Caliber of Her Father’s Regard by Ken Lizzi


36. Frankenstein’s Monster, Mr. Hyde, and the Horrors of Science by Shant Eghian


37, 38, and 39. The Blessed Mother’s Odyssey Through Science Fiction and Fantasy, Part 1Comparing Mary with Characters in Star Trek and Star Wars, and Comparing Mary with Fantasy Characters by Alec Ott


40 and 41. The Greatest Conservative Films: Jackie Brown (1997)The Greatest Conservative Films: Hail, Caesar! (2016) by Eric M. Blake


42 and 43. New Poetry: The End of the Workday and New Poetry: Daydreaming by Jon Bishop


44. Easter Thoughts and of Freedom Dying by Michael Finch


45. New Fiction: The Gift by Henry Vogel


46. New Fiction: Ishka’s Garden by Bokerah Brumley


47, 48, 49, and 50. After 500 Years Rediscover the Meaning of Martin Luther Through Mad Jones, Heretic, 10 Badass Heavy Metal & Alternative Tracks to Fuel Your Wicked WritingA 25 Song Playlist to Energize Your Writing, and Choose Life: On Roseanne’s Racism, Samatha Bee’s Vulgarity, and Trainspotting’s Truth by David M. Swindle