Let’s be honest – when the world’s first sexbot brothels are opening in Europe, we need to discuss the ethics of it.

If you’re following one of the major monotheist religions, the answer is a clear “No, not allowed”. The Bible, Torah and Koran say you aren’t allowed to have sex outside of marriage. Not with another human being, not with an animal, and regardless of what you classify the sexbot as, not with it, either. I’ve read a variety of Christian books, and they condemn pornography as stimulating emotions that should be limited to one’s spouse, so this forbids both VR porn and sexbots if you argue it is just better VR porn.

What if you aren’t constrained by Judeo-Christian morality? I’m going to assume for this situation disease spread isn’t an issue. Sex with sex bots is still likely to train you to respond to an impossible set of behavior standards that leaves you unable to form normal healthy relationships. For that reason alone, we’d want to discourage their use. There are already feminist arguments against sex bots with a “frigid” setting that equate it to normalizing rape. I won’t summarize them, but you’re free to look them up.

I’m not sure I can argue the ethics of giving sex bots to the disabled, the socially isolated and those who otherwise might never have a partner. When medical marijuana spread from terminal cancer patients’ pain relief to “a doctor signed off I’m anxious, let’s light up”, of course lots of guys will argue they’ll meet the standards for owning a sex bot. And, most likely, drop out of the gene pool. They may be less likely to shoot themselves or others, but they’re not going to engage in healthy social relationships with women and will never form families. Is that on the whole better or worse for society? We need to discuss this, not just assume we can deal with it.


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