Yesterday I read a shocking article by National Geographic detailing the methodical sacrificial killing of 140 children ages five to fourteen. The broken child remains were recently discovered and unearthed near Chan Chan, an archeological complex in coastal Peru. The event is estimated to be five hundred years old.

Young ones were donated by parents to be held down, sternums severed in half, and rib cages broken open so that the undersized hearts could be cut out of the bodies.  The article does not state whether the children were still alive during that procedure, but that all were killed at the same time –which tells me that there were at least 140 community members who systematically killed at once. The researchers also mentioned that there were few “false starts” in the cutting, indicating that ritual members were skilled with the procedure and ceremonial blades.

Parents were urged to give what they loved most (their children) for the community, to be murdered via public sacrifice in order to appease the gods. The greater the anger of the gods, the greater number of innocents demanded. Until this find, mass child sacrifices were relatively unknown to the region. And this solitary find is the largest known occurrence of child sacrifice ever discovered.

When interviewed by National Geographic, Joseph Watts, a post-doctoral researcher at University of Oxford and the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History expressed:

“I think it’s definitely harder to explain child sacrifice,” he says, then pauses.

“Also, at a personal level.”

But why should the systematic death of 140 little ones in an uncivilized society bother anyone? Millions of underdeveloped and near-term children are sacrificed each year to appease the gods right here in America.

The dollar god, the god of convenience, the god of meme, the god of irresponsibility, and the god of female victimhood, have all contributed to the marginalization of dependent smallish humans on in utero life support.

National Geographic posted photos of the sacrificed children — little mouths silent yet wide open as if left to scream for all eternity. It shook me deeply as a mother, as a God-fearing woman, and as a human, how unreasonable, backward, easily-convinced, and prone to destruction humans can be. But human history is full of religious and community leaders looking for someone else to pay the price for their problems.

I imagined what those beautiful little children looked like with their skin. Were they playing before corralled and marched to a neighboring town for the ritual? How could a parent (even an unfit one) allow such an unrighteous death to part of themselves?

Perhaps what goes on here and now is worse. Human remains vacuumed from would-be mothers are not privy to ceremonies or proper burial as the Peruvian children were. Instead, baby parts are distributed to laboratories or tossed into a red plastic flip-top trashcan labelled “Bio-hazzard.”

Only in wars of the last century have newly dead humans been so dishonored. And the practice of human extraction has been normalized, even hailed as modern. Those who disagree are looked upon with contempt from the left in North America.

We are no less inhumane, no less uncivilized, and no less ignorant as uneducated primitives who have been blinded by false religion. And at least on some level the Peruvian parents weren’t bowing to gods of selfishness. They gave their best, as if their child was a fatted calf for God Almighty himself.

Can you imagine a world without John Lennon? Neither could his mother. She couldn’t care for him and allowed him to be adopted as a young child.

Jack Nicholson, Steve Jobs, and Marilyn Monroe were given the gift of life by their birth mothers. As were Faith Hill and Tim McGraw.


Image via National Geographic 

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