My title is a twist on Mr. Spock’s announcement to the enterprise crew that the ugly creature that had attacked them was still a human being: “Definitely humanoid in spite of the distortion,” says Spock in a first season episode of Star Trek, titled “Miri” where the landing party on a faraway planet remains shocked by the hideous creature still babbling inanities after being subdued. Likewise, the American Left is Christian to the core, in spite of the distortions, and no matter how often they attack Christians in film, politics and education.

As the children of the French revolution, Karl Marx, and 19thcentury American progressivism, today’s Left hold dear the heart of the New Testament, Love thy Neighbor, while discarding the rest of the Bible, including love for an old guy named God. Like a skilled arranger, they spot the hook in a great score, a musical hook that lovingly insists to help the poor and the oppressed. That accomplished, they deep-six the rest of the Holy Book and anything greater than the state (Check out Diane Feinstein’s remark to judicial appointment Amy Coney Barrett for the most recent example.)

Judeo-Christianity’s three-thousand-plus-year culture has been able to withstand the distortions and heresies that have continually popped into existence: Robespierre and company, and later, the Marxists, bulldozed people into subservience, whereas current progressive educators indoctrinate the kids their central maxim — “The Debate’s Over,” which has meant the loss of critical thinking and intellectual diversity in American schools.

However, defeating Judeo-Christianity is unattainable by the Left, even though they’ve isolated the heart of the religion and have thrown away the body, replacing it with the almighty state. They’ve attempted to destroy the inner world of the spirit, and fill it with a new religion, usually the latest fad, like saving the planet.

Both the Dalai Lama and psychiatrist Carl Jung cautioned against adopting a foreign spiritual quest. Both men believed the sights and sounds of any culture have worked into a person’s unconsciousness since the day of one’s birth, and that a spiritual calling is best answered by returning to one’s religion where the bells, incense, words and song have become part of one’s religious DNA (though neither man probably ever imagined a quest that wished for the destruction of the transcendental for the sacrament of abortion and the religion of manmade global warming).

The lefties in the media, Hollywood, and the Democrat party wish to rocket away from the old Christian culture at warp speed. Yet, we still hear through “radio telescopes” their cursing against those who cling to their Bibles and guns. In the Star Trek episode, we hear the mutant crying over his broken bicycle. A disease has sped up his metabolism and shot him into adulthood, separating him forever from his past and potential future as a fulfilled adult. A bicycle represents innocence, childhood, adventure, and friendship. The mutant is crying over the fact that childhood is gone, family is gone, and the early power of a religious, mystical connection to the universe has been severed.

Modern-day leftists will always be connected to that which they hate. They’ve turned their backs on the beauty and power of their own culture. Angrily, they seek new gods that cannot bring them the peace and love they so desperately crave.



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