The European Social Survey–a science group and past winners of The Descartes Prize, Europe’s annual science award—showed in 2018 that 96% of the French population believed climate change was occurring. The same survey also said that the French weren’t losing much sleep over the notion of cataclysmic global warming. But the citizens forgot about nervous elites like President Macron, who not only believed in the bad science of media-hyped manmade planet warming, but was terrified for France and, most importantly, for the world. Macron’s one of many church-going elitists rushing across our “burning planet” scaring everyone to abandon fossil fuels through policies like the Paris Climate Accords.

Macron’s latest fuel tax poured cold water on the sleepy post-Christians of the French Republic. They awoke to discover that a fossil-free world might just interfere with the nominal comfort of a welfare state where less hours at the job and more vacation time are the main sacraments. The yellow vest rioters took to the streets in violent protests, not pausing for a rational conversation, or seeking political candidates that might steer them back to a free republic, away from their serfdom under the European Union, especially in regard to climate religion and self-destructive immigration policies. Defacing the Arc de Triomphe, throwing hammers at cops, busting up the city, and starting fires is what comes natural to a citizenry that has long ago abandoned Judeo-Christianity for the guillotine as a way to insure fraternity and brotherhood. What’s a Frenchmen to do when the Reign of Terror is part of your DNA?

In my fictional series, American Blackout, the horrors created by individuals turning their back on the civilizing power of Judeo-Christianity is coming true in post-Christian societies like France: the stifling of free speech in the name of political correctness, unabated terrorist attacks, and an immigrant population that remains unassimilated. The current mayhem in France is owned by both the rioters and President Macron. For years the elites and the regular folks have snobbishly paraded their myth of global warming before the so-called deniers, the hayseeds, usually envisioned as Christian money-grubbing Americans.

Macron and the protesters have fallen for the phony goodness of progressive politics and the “debate’s over” meme-crushing skepticism and rational thought. They’ve lost sight of the real goodness inherent in their Western heritage and the shiny example of Rene Descartes, who fell asleep before a warm stove, dreamt the scientific method, and understood that skepticism is at the heart of human knowledge and advancement. The French philosopher and mathematician also thanked the Holy Spirit for the gift he acquired during his cozy snooze on a chilly November day.

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Photo by verchmarco