Chrome Oxide is the pen name of a science fiction and horror author who shall remain anonymous. However, his works are well known. I’ve read some of his short stories like the one in “Forbidden Thoughts”, though he’s written much more.

Tamara Wilhite: Where does the name Chrome Oxide come from?

Chrome Oxide: When I started recording bands back in the dark ages before digital recording, I used chromium dioxide (type III high bias) cassettes. At the dawn of the internet age when I decided to build a web site dedicated to my audio recording, I wanted a name that flowed smoothly, so I shortened it to Chrome Oxide.

Ten years later when I started writing, I realized that I already had an internet presence as an audio recordist, so I decided rather than building a web presence from scratch for my writing, I would use my recording name as a pen name. Due to
inadequate discouragement from my writers group I kept at it.

Tamara Wilhite: Your short story collection “28 minutes into the future” is an entire anthology like the stories in “Forbidden Thoughts”. What prompted you to write it?

Chrome Oxide: My older brother was studying Austrian economics, which basically means people act out of what’s good for them, but the funny part is what’s good for them constantly changes, and wanted to have someone he could talk with about the concepts he was studying. He gave me a few books to read. After that I started listening to talk radio and reading news stories that the mainstream media ignored.

All my satirical stories are inspired by the headlines. My non-satirical stories are inspired by all kinds of other random events, including bumper stickers, movies and conversations.

Tamara Wilhite: You have a short story in the 29th volume of “Writers of the Future”. Where was “I Was A Teenage Redneck Zombie From Outer Space” published? And where else do you have short stories published?

Chrome Oxide: “I Was A Teenage Redneck Zombie From Outer Space” has not been published yet. It is part of a number of other stories I’m working on that I think of as the “Great Redneck Space Migration.” The first story in that series, “Gateway,” was published in “28 Minutes Into the Future”.

Tamara Wilhite: I’ve had book signings for my own work. While it is easy to be ignored by the crowd, that isn’t the intent. How on Earth do you hold a stealth book signing?

Chrome Oxide: A stealth book signing is one where I haven’t announced that I will be selling and signing books. I am a very big music fan. Many times when I’m out recording bands, I sell their merchandise for them. When I’m sitting at the merch table, I place my book next to the CDs, DVDs and T-shirts. This works for me because I’m a familiar face at many of these shows so I’m able to sell my books to the fans and musicians.

Tamara Wilhite: Do you have any full length novels? For example, is your fantasy novel finished?

Chrome Oxide: I have turned over “Money Management For Monsters” to my editor, Elaine Ash, and we’re busy with the editing process. It is a story about a CPA who does tax returns for vampires, werewolves, witches, … and then it gets weird.

Another novel that is ready to be turned over to Elaine as soon as we finish MMFM, is “High Fantasy,” which is Cheech and Chong meet “The Lord Of The Rings.” I have a number of short stories I’m working on, some of which may have potential for becoming novels.

Tamara Wilhite: What are you working on now?

Chrome Oxide: I’m putting the finishing touches on a horror story or you could also call it paranormal, “Be Careful What You wish For.” So far I’ve only written humorous stories, I had recently watched the TV series, “Masters Of Horror” and was inspired to write something very different from what I usually write. As a writer I’m a pantser. Which means I write from the
seat of my pants, on the fly, as opposed to people who outline. I never start with plot. I always build my stories around a joke or humorous scene. When I come up with jokes that don’t feel like story ideas, I post them on my twitter account.

Tamara Wilhite: Is there anything you’d like to add?

Chrome Oxide: I’ve been accused of writing murder mysteries since I murder the English
language and it’s a mystery how I get published. I can be found at:

I can be lost everywhere else.