Paul Ehrlich is infamously attached to the notion that providing cheap fuel to the masses would be like giving an idiot a machine gun. The Left insists that idiot is still with us, primarily in the heartland where regular folks go about their lives with common sense appreciation for fossil fuels that power a standard of living never before seen in human history. In Ehrlich’s 1968 The Population Bomb, he predicted famine for America, starvation for millions before the unleashing of the 1970s Disco rage. Those of us remaining would be eating bark and stuffing old newspapers in our boots to stay warm from the sneaky, man-induced new ice age. Imagine, never to be thrilled on the dance floor by the bass drum clocking in at 120 beats per minute, anchoring the melodies of Boz Scaggs and the Bee Gees by thousands of lounge bands across the land.

Ehrlich’s forecast for the bell tolling for the entire human race was sounded in his second book on the evils of growing populations — The Population Explosion — which sold in the millions (long fuse I guess from the bomb book to the explosion book of 1990).

But since Paul is old and in the way and of a discredited skin color, a fresh young face was required to announce the world’s end. Enter Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who has given us a dozen years before descent into eco-hell–two years more than Al Gore’s easy to remember ten-year warnings on the fast approach of bad weather and bad movies, both created by the former vice president. Without taking a breath, or a weekend off, Cortez who is fiercer than the old ones, announced our only hope for survival–The Green New Deal.

Plenty has been written on the Green Deal’s ability to end civilization, but besides giving grade school kids nightmares about a world without cars and burgers, the Green New Deal’s primary goal is to start Americans on a path of “sensible” limitations on their driving, flying, and eating habits in order to save the planet.  I believe that Ms. Cortez will be more than happy to settle for a mere fraction of her proposed destruction of the economy, let’s say, ten percent of the green nightmare’s agenda. In Europe, especially Germany, enviro-radicals have already damaged economies by pushing solar and wind over cheap fossil fuels and proposals for ham-fisted reductions in air travel. A fraction of the Left’s bad ideas is all that is necessary for the continued undermining of the free market system. After all, the Left’s beliefs are religious beliefs, and that energizes them for the long haul.

In keeping to The Population Bomb’s message, leftists were able to ban DDT in 1972, which kept it out of Africa for decades, allowing malaria to thrive and decrease the surplus population of African nations. DDT was eradicated in developed lands by 1967. In Ceylon (later Sri Lanka) several million cases were reduce to a handful.

Still not happy with the loss of a million Africans a year and many more millions disabled by malaria since the ban went into effect, the Left still complains of losing sleep over population growth and planet-wide free-market capitalism where billion and billions of people can potentially live as free individuals, and where human genius flourishes and solves problems, and opportunities galore exist for the great unwashed. If some genius would ever devise a half-dollar size crystal that you simply hold over your gas tank and allow sunlight to fill the tank of a car or a plane with very cheap sunlight (a lot more of us might be enjoying private jet travel) the high priests of the Left and their followers would be brought to their knees in tears, awake for weeks, as they watched in horror as hordes of ravenous deplorables made too much money and bought too many things–eating Mother Nature out of house and home.

Whew, that’s a lot of gloom and doom to have to wade through in one short essay, so I’d like to end on a more superficial note, namely that Ms. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a.k.a. AOC, deserves a better name that that nonmusical, non-muscular acronym. AOC can’t hold a candle to JFK, LBJ, the CIA, or even the KGB, all very sexy and catchy. I suggest dropping the acronym. Ms. Ten Percent would work just fine.


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