Liberty Island is proud to announce our first novel, THE BIG BANG by Roy M. Griffis. Griffis dares to imagine the unimaginable: A world in which Islamic terrorists succeed in bringing down the American government and, with assistance from a world glad to see America’s demise, destroy the United States. The Big Bang is the very human and poignant story of the underground American Resistance, those who dare to dream that the nation can rise from the ashes to her former glory.
Whistler imagined the bastards in the Humvee must’ve been heaving a small sigh of relief; they’d gotten through the gauntlet of buildings without any of the pesky infidels shooting at them. They’d made the intersection. Nobody ambushes you at a clear four-way intersection. Too many routes of escape.

The Lord hates a coward, Whistler said to himself. He heard it in a kind of Irish accent. It was something from a movie he’d seen. He’d never known any heroes when he was growing up…if they were around, they’d kept it quiet. By the time Whistler found himself needing a hero, a model, he and everyone else he knew was running like their ass was on fire. So, he took whatever he could find that made sense. It made sense that the Lord hated a coward.
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