A guy walks into a bar. He sees an octopus with an eye patch, a duck with a broken leg, and Ben Bernanke.

He sits down next to the octopus and says, “What happened to your eye? Can I buy you a drink?”

The octopus calls to the bartender, “I’ll have one shcotch, one gin, one rum, one vodka, one bourbon, a brandy, another shcotch, and a beer.” He grabs a glass in each tentacle and, trying to drink them all at once, hits himself in the eye instead. The octopus falls off his stool, moaning in pain.

So the guy turns to the duck and says, “What happened to your leg? Can I buy you a drink?” The duck quacks to the bartender, “Tequila, por favor!” The bartender does the whole number with the shot glass, the lime and the salt. The duck knocks it back and promptly falls off the stool, reinjuring his leg.

The guy looks at Ben Bernanke and says, “What’s up with these two? Can I buy YOU a drink?”

Ben Bernanke points to the octopus: “That one’s drunk on liquidity.” He points to the duck: “That one’s a lame duck.”

The guy nods sagely and says, "I see why you’re here; you fit right in." Bernanke looks at him, irked, and says, "What’s YOUR story?"

The man shakes his head. “Me? Just an ordinary guy. Got a few bucks in the market. Hoping to retire someday. No one special.”

“Oh,” laughs Bernanke. “Then the joke’s on you.”

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