What is Liberty Island?

Liberty Island is a home and launching pad for the rising right-of-center counterculture. It combines a curated magazine, an open range self-publishing platform, and a commercial book and media division.

What is the new counterculture?

Once upon a time the cultural establishment was conservative and the counterculture was left wing. Today that establishment is dogmatically (if often unconsciously) liberal, while the rising counterculture reflects the tastes and values of those (conservatives, libertarians, independents, and even many liberals) who are sick of the ideological conformity and political correctness that stifles freedom of speech and imagination today.

What the heck is "conservative fiction"?

Conservative fiction is not fiction that promotes a partisan ideology, agenda, or electoral outcome. Nor is it a genre unto itself. Rather it is a set of values that underlie the work we aim to publish across multiple genres. These basic tenets include a fundamental belief in American values and exceptionalism, a willingness to take on liberal taboos and flout political correctness, and an understanding that individual liberty is the paramount human right.

Is Liberty Island political?

Liberty Island’s founders are conservatives but it is by no means a partisan enterprise. Nor do we apply a litmus test to members. Liberty Island’s community is made up of self-described conservative, libertarian or independent writers and artists. Their views range widely from hardcore libertarian to religious conservative, and everything in between. Seek not here for any kind of ideological conformity. There are plenty of other sites for true believers.

Why should writers publish through Liberty Island?

While anyone can now publish a story or book through Amazon, the digital marketplace has not yet developed a means for readers and writers of a similar outlook to find one another. Liberty Island brings together likeminded readers and writers in a community of shared concerns and interests. Here, writers will find an audience, and readers and viewers will find stories, novels and other forms of entertainment that reflect their tastes and values.

How do writers publish through Liberty Island?

Aspiring writers may submit their stories and novels directly to: [email protected] Our editors will select the best of these works to promote on our homepage. Featured stories will be published in PDF format and may be downloaded directly by readers. Works not selected for featured publication may be posted on our Open Range publishing platform. Self-published authors need only to complete a profile and agree to abide by Liberty Island’s community norms and standards.

How do writers make money through the site?

Short works will be posted on the site in their entirety for free. However, each Creator has their own Tip Jar, which is linked to their personal PayPal account (Liberty Island does not take a single nickel from the Tip Jar). The more visitors who like your content, the more tips you will get — it’s the ultimate pay-for-performance program.

So if you’re an aspiring creator, it pays to promote your work far and wide. And if you’re a visitor to the site, please remember to tip our creators so they can keep on producing more great stuff.

How will Liberty Island balance its commitment to free expression with standards of civility and decency?

Liberty Island is a self-governing community. Writers who post on the site are asked to warrant that their works do not contain offensive or libelous material. Readers will be enlisted in the effort to maintain appropriate standards by rating works and calling attention to any noncompliance issues.

Why the name "Liberty Island"?

Liberty Island is the home of the Statue of Liberty, a cherished symbol of American freedom since 1886 and a welcoming beacon to the rest of the world. For us, Liberty Island is more a state of mind than a physical place: a creative colony where kindred spirits can join and build a new community. An island of freedom in a sea of conformity. A place where the imagination can run free.