LOGIN:Log-in page for users
ABOUT:Story Page with モAbout Usヤ text
LINKS:Story Page with links to outside websites
REVIEWS:Tiled Results Page (all stories tagged REVIEW)
PUBLISHING RESOURCES:Story Page with Resources text
MOBILE:Mobile Site
WHATメS OUR MISSION:Story Page with Mission Statement
JOIN THE FELLOWSHIP:Story Page with info about registration and links to register
SUBMIT:Story Page with submission info, (link to submission form)
CREATORメS INFO:Story Page with info about creators, links to Creator Registration and Creators Tiled Results Page
OPEN RANGE/FEED:Can we easily select/deselect items to include in this feed? Still determining what will go in it.
FACEBOOK AND TWITTER ICONS:Directs to LI FB and Twitter pages (open in new tab/window?)
NEW, VIDEO, CREATOR ARROWS:Examples of pop-over tile menus
BOXES:Each goes to a story page
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